All About Traveling With Baby | Guide By Alicia Wallace

Traveling with Baby
Traveling with Baby

Travelling without baby is not that of cumbersome task for most of us. But when you have an infant, it’s like travelling and carrying backpacks and lot of rigidities. You can’t move here and there, walk freely, and attend a party every night without having proper strategies. You need to set strategies and plans to get prepared ahead of time. From experiences, I have developed a bunch of strategies to make your journey successful, pleasant, and safe.  In the beginning I have incorporated three steps followed by strategies and at the end of the article, you will find a list of must needed things.

You can follow following steps to travel with your child before going through the full article:

  • Although a below 2 year-baby do not need tickets, buy a ticket for baby. This will work as a safety seat and help to avoid unwanted hassles.
  • Know how to install the safety seat properly, and don’t let anyone try to tell you differently
  • From the experience, look for best airlines regarding reputation, facilities, and carrier rate.

Book a seat with bassinet connection and separate seat for your child

Before boarding, parent must pre-board kid’s seat and de-board until the plane is closer to take-off time so that you and your child can use extra minutes before boarding. You and your child can walk around and be active and avoid waiting on the crowded plane. You must book a separate seat for your child although below 2 year-baby do not need tickets. This will help to avoid unwanted incidents.

Keep snacks, fluids

You must keep non-perishable goods and must keep your baby hydrated. You need to bring cup or bottle to suck on in order to help relieve air pressure during take-off and landing. You must keep sufficient snacks and fluids for your child in your bag.

Pack extra clothes, diapers and supplies

It’s not impossible for child to get too hot or too cold. You need to dress your baby in such a way that it can be taken off while situation is adverse like the child gets too hot or too cold. Sometimes it may happen that your flight is late or makes unscheduled stop due to several reasons like low fuels or emergency crisis situation. You may end up in an airport for a long time and need to search stores for food, supplies, outfits, diapers for your baby. For these reasons, it is important to ensure extra clothes, diapers, and supplies in your backpack.

Keep toys, blanket, and pillows

Kids are fond of toys. They have their own favorite toy, blanket, pillow that she looks for every time. She feels comfortable if these things are around her. Whether you are traveling with plane, bus, train, or car, you need to bring things that your baby wants in bedtime which helps her to sleep and have fun. Some parents may think of bringing toys their child looks for but it’s wrong. You need to bring only soft toys so that no sharp edges can hurt her during turbulence. Having both her favorite and secured toys and other accessories, she will feel secure and comfortable. Children like surprise. It’s better to make the things surprise for her, keep toys is a bag till she is tired and looking for something exciting in order to entertain him and crown her interest.

Try not to take longer trips

Most of the child can’t sit in a sport for longer period of time. It’s unhealthy too for child as well as adults. You need to make stops during travelling to let her walk and play in a safe and secured place. You need to ensure that your baby is not confined to a seat for longer hours.

Home feelings

Keep in mind that parents are both home and comfort zone for their child. While you are driving car, leave your partner to take care of your child so that your child gets home accent while travelling. Try not to take stroller and keep your baby with you because baby loves to be with you. Moreover, you can move easily, navigate lifts and stairs; be lively and faster than having stroller. It will help her feel like she is in home and get her for napping anywhere. However, it may not work for everyone, but you can give a try.

Schedule trips considering your baby’s condition

You need to schedule your trips considering your kid’s sleeping time. She can get into sleep as soon as she gets into a car, plane, or trains. Also, Different policies are there for different airlines where some require a kid must have an age of two days. Doctors in general recommend flying after the development of kid’s immune system and between 4-6 months.

Keep Phones, tabs, and others with full charge

You must prepare yourself ahead of time and make sure fully charged tablet and phone. Keep extra chargers with you during travelling. You need to make your trips child-centered and fun adventured.  There are parents who are anti-screen and it’s fair when they are in home where there are cardboard books, babysitter, or other recreational activities. But while travelling it may not be possible to bring babysitter and others. In that case, you can let your kid watch rhyme show on YouTube and in apps. It will help to calm down your baby.

Keep politeness

What children can do on board is unbelievable. Sometimes you need apologize for their activities. Remember that kids can not apologize for their activities like frequent crying, disturbing others, hoisting themselves in the seat etc. You have to seek apology. You need to control yourself from getting angry at their activities.

Taking seat ahead of time

While making reservations for seat make sure that your agent knows you are travelling with a kid in order to get a favor while booking seats. You must try to book your seats in the front side rather than back side because back side of the plane is noisier, inconvenient, vibrates more. During take-off, it’s better to give your kid with a bottle, or anything her favorite to suck on with a view to relieve air pressure.

Keep your child interested with fun while driving

While driving car, it may not be possible to take care of your child when she screams. Get your child interested with music, games. You can tell her stories, sing songs, read rhymes with fun, play games to keep our child calm and soothe.

Breastfeed if you can

Breastfeeding is the best way to keep your baby calm while travelling. But the matter is that it is not always possible to feed your baby in plane or train. New mothers hesitate and many mothers are not willing to feed in transport. IT needs willingness and courage. You must not be shy. Try to wear dresses that help easy breastfeeding. You may use cover, but it seems unnecessary hassle and annoyance for some parents. Always keep in mind that it is normal and natural activity of a mother, and of course it’s great.

Look for local babysitter services for special night

Some nights are special to you like date nights, party nights etc. You may wish to celebrate your time with your loving partner. In that case look for local babysitter and other services. There are some cities like Paris, Tokyo, Brussels, Rome, New York, London reputed for sitter services. However, it’s up to your personal judgment. If you do not feel comfortable and leave your kids to others in a new city, do not do that.

Manage travel insurance and doctor

No one knows what is going to be happened minutes later. Something small or big might happen to your child both at the destination and carrier. Ensure travel insurance to get safety while travelling and cover every relevant thing. It will compensate you for the expenses. Your kid may suffer from fever to scary infections in new place. So, you need to find local doctor or hospital urgently. Better if you manage local doctors beforehand.

Don’t worry about napping

You need not be worried about the napping schedule of your baby. If your baby’s age is under one year, she will sleep when she feels tired regardless of where you are and in what situations. She will largely nap in the carrier. Don’t rush to hotel for maintaining napping time. Let your baby listen to her body.  Make sure that your baby sleeps at least 2 hours during the day in order to prevent tiredness of your baby.

Move less while travelling

Without baby you can stay here and there and move very frequently from place to place. But with baby you can’t do that. Pick a place where you and your kid will love to stay and have few day trips in a zone. It makes a trip much more relaxed.

Introduce foods on the road after six months

Let your baby taste after 6 months of age to prevent any food bound diseases. Let her shot things at her own choice. Consider what local children eat, let her eat those items.

Although it’s suggested to carry fewer things while travelling, you need to carry some essential things in your backpack for your child. We can sum up things and suggest a backpack list for parents like you who are looking for what to carry and not to carry. You can include following things:

  • Diapers and wipes
  • Extra clothes, slings, pillows, and blanket
  • Portable Playard
  • Of course a baby carrier
  • Toys (Of course soft toys)
  • Snacks like fruits, bars, yogurt and some other organic foods
  • Trash bags and zip lock bags specially for used diapers and clothing
  • Cover for mom (It will be needed if mom wants while breastfeeding)
  • Stroller and car seat (If necessary)

We hope your next journey with your child will be a blast!!

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