Baby Swing Age Limit: Every Parent Need To Know

Baby Swing Age Limit

Are you struggling with your wailing baby?

Or perhaps thinking how to get an overtired newborn baby to sleep?

It’s a familiar story for first-time parents and it usually goes like this they get nervous. I know how it feels to see my little one is crying continuously, a pretty helpless situation for a parent.

But the good news is there is an ultimate solution.

A swing gives a magically soothing to your crying baby.

Yes, undoubtedly swing is a great way to help you to fall asleep. Since many parents are using infant swings for their babies to sleep, they may wonder is It Safe? Or is there any baby swing age limit?

Keep reading, and you’ll find out all the answer to the question you secretly dread.

Baby Swing Age Range

Let me take a wild guess you are also a sleep-deprived parent. And want to make sure not to try anything that will be harmful to our kids.

Don’t even try to deny it.

Likewise baby swing weight limit, you should also know the perfect age for the baby swing at park or even home.

Now let’s talk about it.

When it comes to the age limit, it is quite hard to a specific age. Well, it’s more about your little one’s physical readiness. The swing comes in portable models that, usually rock your baby in a front-to-back motion.

But on average Infants under age four months can be seated in the most reclined swing position. No matter what manufacturers claim, make sure your sweetie is ready for a swing.

In general, Baby’s are ready and safe to go on a swing from the very first moment they arrive. In a plain word, it’s the starting period.

And when to stop using baby swings?

Well, it will be safe to use a baby swing until the baby’s second birthday. Keep in mind; this can vary. Actually, it depends on the toddler’s growth and the swing type.

Choosing The Baby Swings: Safety Features You Must Consider

Babies love rocking and swinging. As we mentioned earlier, it soothes them, may be enjoyable for them. As a parent, nothing is more pleasurable than seeing a cheerful baby.

Moreover, some neurologists support that rocking can stimulate the vestibular system in the baby’s brain which can have a beneficial influence on children’s development.

As a mom, I always carefully pick products for my babies. I want to buy anything that hurt my baby, and I am pretty sure you feel the same way.

Have a look at the things you need to consider while looking for infant swings.


Enough support!

No wonder, we only can use the product which is both stability and safety. As swings or bouncers are for smaller babies, keep the baby supported in a swing is crucial. Make sure the swing you choose has enough support.

Safety Harness!

Babies should be buckled into their bouncer and swings. To ensure that the swings you pick have a five-point harness so that your sweetie is as secure as possible.

Non-Slip Feet!

A must-have feature for the baby swing, it will hold wriggling babies. You may wonder why it’s so important.

Well, having non-slip feet ensures a swing in place and steady.

Swing Location!

Again, safety matters. Swings should be set on the floor don’t place it on an elevated surface. It will increase the risk to hurt the baby. So keep it in an area where it is convenient for an adult to watch the baby. Also, never leave your baby swinging unattended.

Can A Newborn Use A Swing?

As mention earlier, Most of the swings and bouncer can be used from birth. But be careful if your baby is premature or low birth weight.

Are baby bouncers safe for newborns?

For newborn swing should at least have a three-point safety harness to keep your baby securely.

Is It Safe For Baby Sleeping In Swing Overnight?

No doubt, mimicking the rhythmic motion of swings gives your little one as he felt in the womb. That’s why baby loves to swing.

But let’s face the truth.

No Prolonged Sleep in the swing. Yes, you heard that right.

Safety is our priority, right?

The Pediatric Specialist strictly prohibited using the swing for a long time. For various reasons, it won’t be wise to let your baby sleeping in the swing all night.

How Long Do Babies Use Swings?

Wondering when to stop using the baby swing?

If you continue the swing, your little one will definitely try to climb out. It may lead to sudden accidents like falls. Various Pediatrics says that these types of accidents are one of the main causes of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Babies who are over 30lbs are considered to have overgrown for using swings and should not be put the baby in the swings.

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