Best Baby Activity Table 2020: An Unbiased Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Baby Activity TableWant to keep your baby entertained? Want your little one to get engaged in physical activities and learning processes?

The best baby activity table can serve as a smart choice. It will not only help them to learn new things and enhance their brain but also keep them physically active all the time. Sounds, colors, letters and textures in the activity table will develop their senses and teach them a new thing. As a newborn mother, you will love to make them active and smart right? We bet you are more than ready.

However, do you know which baby activity table you should go for? Well, you won’t have to search for them as we have already found out top five models for you. Our team has carried out extensive research where they have evaluated all the customer testimonials and expert reviews. So you can completely trust on our top five names as they won’t disappoint you. 

Best Baby Activity Table: Our Top Picks

Quick LookNameAgeEntertainmentCheck Out
Bright Starts Activity Center 6 - 36 months 15 Activities
Manhattan Activity Center 1 years - 5 years 15 Activities
LeapFrog Table Activity Center 6 - 36 months 14 Activities
Little Tikes Activity Walker 9 month - 3 years 12 Activities
ALEX Activity Table 2 years - 15 years 6 Activities

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1. 3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Center

Main Features

  • 15 activities for entertainment.
  • 360-degree movement walker.
  • Three adjustable heights.
  • Piano with realistic sound.
  • Machine washable sitting pad.
  • Suitable for kids between 6 to 36months.

Bright Starts 3-in-1 activity center serves as a significant entertainment tool for many kids throughout the United States. Many new moms prefer this model because it offers numerous activities which help the kid to improve their gross and fine motor skills.

Features Synopsis

Bright Starts 3-in-1 activity center is a specially designed multi-purpose table that is intended to enhance the motor skills and brain growth of your little one. It is a 27.9 X 13.7 X 21.7-inch large activity table padded with a walker, and you can detach the walker after your kid outgrows it. It is suited to babies who are between the age of 6 months and three years, but kids around 4-years also can use it for fun. However, it can only withstand weight up to 25lbs because it comes with a weighted base which won’t trip down easily. This unisex fun toy is made out of premium plastic material which won’t cause any harm to the kid’s health.

What’s more? Bright Starts 3-in-1 activity center zippity zoo comes with a 360-degree rotatable walker which offers smooth movement and strengthen their leg muscles. This seat comes with three adjustable height settings so you won’t have to worry about falling down. According to market research, kids love this fun tool because it comes with 15 activities which are not usual in other activity tables. It will keep your kid vibrant as well as active, and all the credit goes to the table toys which include a push-down penguin, sliding dolphin, rotatable lion, etc. It even gets a colorful flip which will surely keep your kid engaged for a long time.

Bright Starts 3-in-1 activity center is an award-winning baby activity table that features a colored keyboard piano that exposes the child to realistic musical noises. This activity center baby not only helps to develop their ear but also provides a creative medium to play music in their own way. However, you have to include three AA battery so that your baby can switch on the light and play the piano. To keep you stress-free, this children’s activity table also gets a drink holder and snack tray thus allowing your baby to ear while they play. The seating pad can be removed and washed separately which is a boon to mothers.


  • It improves motor and fine skills.
  • It offers a walker for free movement.
  • Option for height adjustment.
  • It doesn’t trip down easily.
  • It comes with numerous activities.
  • It is a little bit tough to assemble.

Final Words

If you want to keep your baby engaged in various activities and also want to move simultaneously, then there is no better option than Bright Starts 3-in-1 activity center.

2. Manhattan Activity Center

Main Features

  • Three themed top with four quadrants.
  • Filled with color, shapes, and activities.
  • Walls adorned with animal drawings.
  • Entirely made up of woods.
  • Free from music and lights.
  • Suitable age: 1 year to 5years.
  • 6lbs weight.

Manhattan Toy treetop activity center is a beautifully crafted wooden infant baby toy that is ideal to explore the creative talent of your baby. Varied types of eccentric activities and numerous color options will grasp the attention of your baby once they start playing.

Features Synopsis

Manhattan Toy treetop activity center is an outcome of top-notch wooden craft which is padded with numerous activities. It is a large wooden tree themed activity for a ten-month-old baby which is carved out of premium wood material and painted with pinpoint detail. It offers a dimension of 18 X 18 X 22.5inche which entirely suitable for kids between the age of 12months and five years. The overall weight of this table is around 10.63lbs, and it sits on a four-quadrant stand which doesn’t allow it to fall. You can even remove the base of the tree so that it is easily reachable to toddlers.

Manhattan Toy treetop activity center is designed with a gorgeous treetop which is divided into four quadrants, and the whole structure is adorned with a mesmerizing color blend. It will offer your baby hours and hours of play as they will various activities like spin dial, shapes, snail movement, guided tracks, multicolored beads, etc. Basically, it is one stop activity center for unlimited fun as it is filled with peek a boo door and painted animals like bee, monkey, ladybug, birds, etc. Although your kid won’t be able to every part, there are many sliders which will help them to sharpen their motor skill and imagination power.

Manhattan Toy treetop activity center is designed in such a way that a toddler can use it for hours, and the parts won’t fall off. However it doesn’t come with any kind of lights and music, but still, we can say it would engage kids like others. Apart from activity, you can utilize it as a showpiece in the activity room or nursery. You can also opt for the castle theme where every wall is painted with many attractive characters, creatures, and activities. You will be delighted to know that assembling won’t cause you a headache but you need to follow the manual thoroughly.


  • It enhances the motor skill.
  • It allows the kid to learn about various shapes, size, and animals.
  • It offers a wide variety of activities.
  • The color is entirely non-toxic.
  • It is not suitable for six months old.
  • It is quite expensive.

Final Words

If you don’t have a budget constraint and want to introduce your child to new things, then you can go for Manhattan Toy tree top activity center.

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3. LeapFrog Table Activity Center

Main Features

  • Colorful instruments.
  • Numerous tunes and learning activities.
  • Suitable for ages between 6 and 36 months.
  • Filled with numbers, letters, colors, and shapes.
  • Sing along the facility with old children’s songs.
  • Two modes which offer learning and music.
  • 8lbs weight.


LeapFrog musical table activity center is a highly rated toddler activity table that can be found on the favorite list of many experts. It is a simple toy whose primary intention is to keep the child entertained and help them to grow at the same time. It comes packed with all the necessary activity features which include many modern and old fun tricks.

Features Synopsis

The LeapFrog activity table is a well-designed baby activity toy that is packed with numerous amenities that will keep your kid hooked for hours. It offers 14.5 X 18 X 17.4inch dimension which is quite adequate for a toddler. The manufacturer has recommended this LeapFrog table for kids between the age of 6months and 36months although a kid around five years also can use it for entertainment. However, it only offers 5.8lbs weight so there is a chance that your baby might try to lift it up due to the lightweight body. LeapFrog is always known for emphasizing on safety feature, and that is why avoided the use of a weak plastic material.

A unique facility provided by LeapFrog baby activity center is that your baby can choose between English or Spanish depending upon the mother tongue. Once you introduce your baby to a baby learning table, there won’t be any stop because they will be exposed to various colors, numbers, alphabets, and shapes. Basically, it comes with two modes of music and learning where in the music part they can explore over 70 tunes and songs which would develop their ears. Not only that, they can even learn old songs like Old McDonald and Itsy Bitsy Spider with the sing-along feature.

This LeapFrog best baby activity center improves motor skills as it encourages the kid to push piano keys, spin object and flipbooks. They are also introduced to the sound of real instruments like piano, trombone, guitar, xylophone, and drum. What makes it stand out? This LeapFrog learns & groove musical table comes with four removable stands so that your little one can grow with it. To play all these musical instruments, you just need to insert three AA battery to power them up. Unlike others, the assembling part is quite easy, and you won’t have to go through the manual to accumulate it.


  • It offers various educational activities.
  • It is quite easy to handle.
  • It assists the kid to develop vocabulary and motor skills.
  • It is quite easy to assemble.
  • The weight is slightly low.
  • All the toys are cramped in a small area.

Final Words

LeapFrog musical table activity center is unarguably one of the best baby activity tables that will amaze your baby without pinching your pocket.

4. Little Tikes Activity Walker

Main Features

  • 3-in-1 jungle themed walker.
  • Foldable table for activity purposes.
  • Sit and Play activity facility.
  • Peek a boo lion, monkey slider, spinning toucan ball, etc.
  • 70 activities, songs and sounds.
  • Multiple lights.
  • Suitable age: 9months to 36months.


Little Tikes is a well-known brand in the toy market, and its 3-in-1 activity walker has helped them to reach a new height in the market. It is a fully packed baby walking toy features many activities which will not only keep the kid entertained but also helps them to learn new things.

Features Synopsis

Little Tikes 3-in-1 activity walker is a jungle themed baby activity table which comes in vibrant orange and green color combination. It is 8 X 17.8 X 17.8inch baby standing up toy which allows the baby to walk and play on the table simultaneously. It is eight pounds in overall weight so your kid can easily handle them without falling down while walking. Whether your kid is one year or 2 years old, he or she can easily handle this toy as it comes with the recommended age between nine months and thirty-six months. Even though it comes with an economical price tag but Little Tikes haven’t compromised on the plastic quality which is entirely toxic free.

Your baby will be fascinated with Little Tikes 3-in-1 activity walker as they can walk it whenever they and fold it to play the activities. The activity table is loaded with various joyful things like spinning toucan ball, monkey slider, peek a boo, etc. Not only that, but these toys also produce songs and sounds while your kid plays with them. However, its three modes of play take all the limelight where the Words mode introduces your kid to new colors and shapes. The jungle modes expose the child to animal sounds while the music models teach kids a different type of music and rhythms.

We are sure that your little one would refuse to get up from Little Tikes 3-in-1 activity walker because they will find fun in spinning the drum and holding the glowing dome. Not only that they will also see a flipping book and many other little things which will pave the way for the development of the gross motor. Lastly, your little won’t have any issue while moving with this baby active toy as the wheels are smooth and they will have a firm handle which will give total control.


  • It quickly changes to walker and floor play.
  • A lot of activities options.
  • Various sound and songs.
  • Varied models of educational play.
  • The wheels move smoothly.
  • It has a decent longevity.
  • It doesn’t have a Bilingual facility.
  • The absence of any cup holder.

Final Words

Planning to treat your kid with new activity baby table but confused which one to opt? You can take a peek at Little Tikes 3-in-1 activity walker which will efficiently suffice your need.


5. ALEX Activity Table

Main Features

  • Six fun activities.
  • Quirky table designed filled with colorful alphabets.
  • Supports two children at a time.
  • Based on four removable legs.
  • Toxic-free painting.
  • The realistic tone of drum and xylophone.
  • Recommended age between 18months and 15years.

When you talk about a widespread activity table that can accommodate two at a time, one model that will appear in every list is Alex Toys discover sound and play busy table. Starting from alphabets, track sliders to curvy bead, musical instrument, your kid will find many things in this table.

Features Synopsis

Alex Toys discover busy table is a massive fun activity tool coupled with limited yet high-effective activities which are meant for motor skills development. It is a large play table which offers a size of 19.7 X 4.8 X 27.6inche, and it is ideal to entertain two to three toddlers at a time. With that being said, it suitable for kids between the age of 3years and 15years and not at all suitable for activities for 4months old. You won’t have to worry about the longevity of this table as it built using superior raw material which can last for many years.

Alex Toys discover busy table is known to keep kids active all the time because it is packed with some exciting activities like peek-a-boo doors, wooden mallet, bead maze, track slider, etc. These activities will sharpen the thinking ability and motor skills thus helping in the overall development. The corners of this activity table carry many alphabets and drawing which aids to the learning curve of your kid. Although there is no digital piano, your little can use a drum or xylophone to create music and discover their creativity.

The whole Alex Toys discover a busy table is painted with various characters which will surely bring joy to the mind of your little ones. It comes with four wide legs which offer firm support, and you can remove them according to your kid’s need. The colors and other objects are washable so you won’t have to worry if any baby foods fall on the table. This baby stand up toy is quite simple to assemble, and you won’t have to brainstorm to get it right in the first chance. Although it is built using premium material, the wooden mallet and curvy bead maze might come out if manhandled.


  • The wood material is quite sturdy.
  • It doesn’t require any battery.
  • It can accommodate up to three children.
  • It offers fine motor commitment.
  • Availability of varied fun activities.
  • It is not entirely appropriate while standing.
  • The absence of any electronic sounds.

Final Words

Alex Toys discover a busy table can serve as a smart choice if you want to engage your kid with a highly efficient learning table without spending a considerable chunk.

Baby playing with activity table

Activity Table Safety

Activity tables are designed in such a way that they offer not only entertainment but also optimum safety. The manufacturers keep kid’s safety as their top priority so they bar themselves from providing a structure that might cause an accident. The paint and body material used in the product are entirely toxic-free, so even if they bite them, they won’t cause any harm to the health. In terms of safety, all the activity table offers proper coverage so you won’t have to worry when your little one use them. Moreover, the heights and stands of these tables are constructed in such a way that there is minimal chance of any sudden accident.

Benefits of Activity Table

The number of advantages of the activity table is quite high, but today we will depict some critical perks:

  • Physical growth- As we all know activity table aids the physical growth of a kid and the activities are designed in such a way that helps the muscles to grow. According to experts, the crawlers and various activities dramatically improve the gross and fine motor skills.
  • Learning – Activity table plays a considerable role in the learning curve of a kid as they introduce alphabets, numbers, shapes, characters, animals, birds, etc. They also help to learn new languages and pick up music which enhances the IQ of a little one.
  • Keep Engaged – Activity tables are well known to keep toddlers engaged for hours by introducing them to many new things. It also offers them a healthy break from studying and playing.


Things to Consider While Buying Baby Activity Table

Let’s look at all the factors that you need to consider while buying baby activity table:

  • Kind – There is various type of activity table available in the market, and they differ by material, leg type, theme, etc. Always opt for the one which will suit the nature of your little one.
  • Size – Size plays an important role, and it depends upon the age and space availability in the room. The height and size should be adequately considered as apparently; you would prefer your kid to stay safe.
  • Availability of activities – The number of activities is crucial and never settle for something with a minimal amount. Always check the type of activities available as they will keep the kids engaged and help them to grow.
  • Motivation – You should check what type of stimulus or motivation a specific activity table will provide. You should look around and find the ideal one which will suit your baby.
  • Sharing Facility – If you have two babies, then you should opt for a table which can accommodate two or three babies at a time. You should also check whether the table has an adequate amount of activities so that babies won’t fight.
  • Music – You need to decide whether you want a table with full music setup or something without a digital tone. We would recommend you to get a table with songs and sounds as it will aid in the growth of the kid.
  • Sturdiness – It is always recommended to get something which is firm and won’t break down quickly as kids would use them as a walker. The wheels should also be sturdy as they will offer movement and balance.
  • Washable – It is advisable to choose a table which is washable as always tend to make a mess and it would hard to remove the stain from non-washable activity toy.
  • Cost – Always opt for a table which entirely values for money as it would be futile to buy an expensive or cheap model.

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