Best Baby Push Walker In 2020 – Choose The Right One For Your Baby

Best baby push walker

During the first stages of development, babies require a form of support. Most babies aren’t able to fully walk until they are one-year-old.

Do you want to help your baby improve their walking abilities faster?

If so, a baby push walker for sale is what you’re after. However, there is a huge variety of them available and it can be incredibly confusing.

Not to mention, some of them aren’t completely safe for your infant…
But don’t worry! We’ve taken a look at the plethora of walkers available and completed the lengthy research task for you.

To learn all the details about the best baby push walker for you, take a look below.

Best Baby Push Walker 2020 : Our Top Picks

Quick LookNameWeightDimensionsCheck Out
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker VTech Sit-to-Stand Walker 4.8 pounds 16.5x14.2x18.1 inches
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Activity Walker Melissa & Doug Push Walker 6.95 pounds 15 x 15 x 11.8 inches
Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker Fisher-Price Push Walker 2.2 pounds 26.9 x 3.5 x 16 inches
Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Toddler and Baby Walker Kolcraft Push walker 7.5 pounds 24.3 x 30 x 25 inches
Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker Bright Starts Push Walker 5.29 pounds 22 x 6.9 x 16 inches

** Above all the ratings are given by our editors/authors based on their expertise. Click above name of the product or button to see the price on amazon.**

Below are some kids’ walkers that we have analyzed based on customer reviews and safety specifications for you:

1. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker: Ideal infant walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

If your infant is at the beginning stages of learning how to walk, this V-tech sit-stand walker would be an ideal option. There are tons of features included that improve their walking, motor, and learning abilities.



We liked how the play panel comes equipped with a wide range of activities for babies to entertain themselves. They can use toys that light up and make sounds. Furthermore, your child has to press some kind of button and interact with the walker for it to make sounds and produce lights. So, it’s great for improving their motor skills.

There’s a telephone, piano, rollers, and various light up buttons and shapes for them to play with. Your child is given the chance to have fun, while also learning how to walk simultaneously.

People are especially liking music features. This is largely because music has been found to play a major role in helping babies enhance their speaking skills. There is numerous sing-along for your baby to be entertained by too.

Adjustability & Controls

You are able to easily adjust this walker to suit you and baby best. The panel can be attached and detached with minimal effort. You can still use the walker without the panel connected. This is the preferred set-up if you want your baby to walk.

A handle is included too so that your child can easily carry the panel around.

The manufacturers behind the walker seem to really understand kids. Therefore, they have implemented control settings that let you alter the volume of the sounds being produced. Having some additional control of the volume of sounds can help you easily increase or decrease it depending on the situation.

  • Incredibly entertaining
  • Detachable panel
  • Volume controls available
  • Interactive for motor skills
  • Some find the wheels need improvement to prevent skidding

Final Verdict

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is considered as the best push toys. We found this Vtech walker to be remarkably versatile. There are so many activities available that it will be hard for your child to get bored easily. The fact that it can be so easily adjusted and aid your child in walking are also big draws for customers.

2. Melissa & Doug Push Walker: Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker Combo

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Activity Walker

If you have a child who is more concerned with playtime rather than learning time, you’ll appreciate how well this walker by Melissa & Doug can bring the two together. The safety features will also give you peace of mind.


Design & Activities

Melissa & Doug has created a fantastic Alligator walker that provides your child with a lot of activities to choose from.

As your child pushes this walker, it makes alligator sounds which is incredibly entertaining. Furthermore, there are parts of the walker that your child can feel to ensure that their motor skills are also given the chance to develop.

In addition to the sounds, the colors and design features are great for toddlers too. There are many bright colors used to paint this walker. Therefore, your child will be attracted to it and want to use it more.


The entertainment features aren’t the only major concern for parents. Their child’s safety is priority.
How safe is this baby walker?

You’ll be glad to hear that your child can use safely. This is a result of the various safety features that are built-in. Wheels are made using materials that prevent them from skidding on all surfaces. They are also fairly large at 17 x 13 x 7” in size.

Therefore, your child is provided with a lot of stability while pushing the walker around.

Moreover, we appreciated how they have designed this toy to ensure it does not topple over backward.

  • Activities for entertainment
  • Sounds and touch aspects help motor skills develop
  • Anti-skid wheels for added stability
  • Cannot topple backwards
  • Assembly can be a little tricky
  • Noises from alligator may not be as loud as expected

Final Verdict

Overall, this one proves to be a very effective walker that’s remarkably fun to use. So, if you were previously having difficulty in getting your kids to use a walker, this one could be just what you need.

3. Fisher-Price Push Walker: Adjustable baby walker

Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker

This Zebra Walker by Fisher Price is a 2-in-1. Toddlers are able to either use it to help them move around or to sit in one spot and use it as a toy.



We noticed this walker be especially bright and colorful. It is equipped with some excellent music and light features, as well as new textures. As a result, babies are able to enhance their sense development.
There’s so much going on for them to play with.

They can turn pages in a book, press buttons, and roll a ball. All of them contribute to your baby’s motor skills.

Toddlers are also given the chance to learn their basic numbers and alphabet in a fun way. The Zebra Walker encourages them to have fun, which makes them want to learn more. It produces various phrases and songs which boost the interaction with your baby.

Construction Quality

The four wheels it incorporates are remarkably supportive to ensure safety for your baby. They can put their weight on the handle and learn to walk around with support.

We liked how this baby walker allows toddlers to step backward, without the danger of toes getting caught on wheels.

The overall build is purposefully lightweight enough to make it easily transportable for adults, but supportive enough for babies.

Assembly & Cleaning

You’ll be glad to hear you can have this walker up and running within minutes.
All you need is a screwdriver and 2xAA batteries!

Dirt isn’t given the chance to work its way into the fabrics used on the Zebra Walker. All of the surfaces are very smooth, which makes it very easy to wipe clean.

  • Sounds and colors enable babies to learn in a fun way
  • Assembly takes a matter of minutes
  • Tons of features that encourage interaction and boost motor skills
  • Wheels move at a fast pace which may be too much for babies under 9 months old
  • Zebra stickers prone to wearing off

Final Verdict

Overall, the Zebra Walker is awesome for kids who struggle to learn in conventional ways. The colorful design, sounds, and phrases make learning to walk a more interactive and fun experience.

4. Kolcraft Push walker: Baby walker 2 in 1

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Toddler and Baby Walker

Initially, the Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in1 Activity Walker looks very conventional, right?

Well, it actually packs a lot of surprises that we weren’t expecting while researching it. This walker comes with some very versatile uses that help your toddler develop, all at your convenience


Walker Mode

We quickly realized the Kolcarft Tiny Steps is vastly different compared to many other baby walkers.

This is because it can be transformed from a sitting down a walker, to one that babies can stand behind and push.

When toddlers are standing behind and pushing it in the walker mode, they have easy access to their toys.

So, if your baby is under six months and is still a little shaky on their feet, you can keep them in the sit-walk mode.

But once they start reaching 6 months plus, you can simply convert it to be a walking walker that they can push while on their feet.


This one is full of activities to keep toddlers entertained.

The Discovery Center plays music and various sounds, and there are also lights. Babies also get to utilize a cup holder and snack tray. Therefore, you can ensure they remain fed and hydrated while they’re having fun learning to walk.

Folding Design

The Kolcraft Tiny steps is a brilliant option for people with smaller living spaces, or those who want a mobile baby walker.

We recommend this one for those reasons because it can be folded down into a completely flat state. This makes it easy for storage to prevent it from taking up too much space.

It’s also fantastic for traveling as you can easily carry it around while folded, and unfold it for your baby to use, within seconds.

  • The 2-in-1 feature means younger babies can sit and walk, and slightly older ones can stand and walk
  • Tons of activities to keep toddlers entertained while learning how to walk
  • Flat pack folding design makes for easy storage and transportation
  • Wheels don’t have a locking mechanism
  • On the bulky side for some

Final Verdict

All in all, this baby walker is brimming with features that are beneficial for your baby, as well as you. it has extremely versatile uses and you can purchase it early on in your baby’s life and know that it can be converted and adapt along with their progressive development.

5. Bright Starts Push Walker: portable baby walker

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Shop 'n Cook Walker

If you struggle to keep your baby entertained enough while using regular walkers, you may want to consider this one by Bright Starts. There are many activities available so that your child can learn to walk while also having fun.


Adjustability & Activates

This baby walker comes with a variety of different ways that babies can use it. This process of switching between the different modes is incredibly easy as a result of the simple adjustable settings.

If your toddler wants to sit and play, they can simply remove the cooktop. This mode involves the sounds of cooking. There are also interactive light features. We found this mode to be the most suitable for younger babies.

As they grow older and develop more, however, you’ll find that the shopping cart mode is more suitable you can adjust this item so your baby can use it as a walker, disguised as a shopping cart.

There are tons of activities available with this walker. Therefore, you can be sure that they will never get bored and continue to use the walker as a way of helping them walk.

Walking Encouragement Features

The strong legs that are equipped with this walker make it fantastic for helping your baby to walk. People have been impressed by how sturdy the walker is.

It’s effective at supporting your toddler’s weight and encouraging them to walk at the same time. The sounds that popcorn makes when it’s popping are activated every time they take a step. We liked this feature as it encourages babies to want to carry on walking.

  • Easy adjustable features
  • Various play modes available
  • Strong legs to support your baby
  • Too light for some

Final Verdict

All in all, this baby walker provides a lot of entertainments features. Therefore, your baby can improve their walking abilities, while also having a blast at the same time.

Baby Push Walker Age:

Are you feeling a little confused about what the best age is for babies to be using walkers?

If so, this section is for you.

Walkers are typically created for babies who are between the ages of 4 and 16 months. Although, determining the exact age will ultimately come down to your toddler’s strength and rate of development.

A solid sign that your baby is ready to use any of the walkers above is when they can support their own head up and have their feet on the ground.

It’s also worth knowing that children who are already able to walk do not need extra assistance from walkers. However, those who are struggling could benefit from them greatly.

You may notice that your infant isn’t progressing as much, to begin with, while using a baby walker. This is because they are having to discover exactly how to push the walker by using their feet, hands, and body weight.

There are various other signs to keep a lookout for that indicate your child is ready to start learning how to walk. It’s often a fantastic time for parents. They’re seeing their babies really begin to develop and grow.

One of the biggest ways babies let you know they’re ready to walk is by holding onto their parents’ clothes.
Others may try and hold onto the various object in your homes, such as sofas or tables.

Keep a close eye on how well they’re progressing with their ability to stand and walk. If they’re managing fine and making constant improvements, you can feel confident that they’ll learn on their own.

On the other hand, some babies will require some more support and assistance. In this case, baby walkers that work on the carpet can be incredibly effective.

Are Baby Walkers Safe?

There’s no doubting that there can be an element of danger when you put your baby into a walker.

They are generally higher up and can reach more objects and bump into things.

However, these baby walkers also come with a ton of benefits. So long as you make sure to keep an eye on your infant while they’re moving around with the walker, you can dramatically decrease those chances of injury.

So, we feel confident in assuring you that baby walkers can be safe, but only if you’re there to keep watch.

How To Help Babies Walk?

While using any one of the walkers mentioned in our review is an excellent way to help your baby walk, there are some other methods that you’ll be intrigued to hear about too.

A very popular, and effective, way to get your baby walking is to make a game out of it.

Your toddler may be at the very beginning stage of just learning to balance on their own feet. In this case, you could help them stand upright and count how many seconds they can stand up for.

It’s a good idea to set some soft cushions around the area for when they fall!

Once your baby becomes more confident at being able to balance and walk on their own, you can make the games more challenging.

For example, sit across on the opposite end of the room. See if your baby is able to make it all the way to you without falling over. This is a great way to encourage them and boost their confidence to walk.

Note: When they are able to walk you should setup monitor that has extra range coverage or If you blessed with twins than you can go for twins baby monitor. Because they call fall and badly injured. You should keep eye on you baby 24*7.

Baby Walker Vs. Push Walker

Is a baby walker or push walker best for your toddler?

Baby Walkers

Baby walkers are compact vehicles with wheels. They tend to be designed specifically for toddlers who are having difficulty walking. These particular walkers have the purpose of providing the child with encouragement to improve their motor skills.

They can either sit or stand in it and are surrounded by padded materials for safety.

Push Walkers

Push walkers are also small vehicles that have wheels. However, they do not come with the option for infants to sit and move around using just their legs.

There’s a handle in front of them which they hold onto for support. They then use their body weight and stand on their own two feet to become mobile.

Which One’s Best?

They can both be very beneficial in helping your toddler learn how to walk.

We recommend baby walkers for younger babies who are at the beginning stages of discovering how to support their weight and use their legs.

For slightly older toddlers, who are able to walk, but are not confident in their abilities to do it on their own, a push walker would be best.

FAQs about best baby push walker

In this section, we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that parents have, surrounding baby walkers.

Q: Are baby push walkers safe/ Why is it not recommended to use baby push walkers?
During your research for the best baby walkers, it’s likely that you may have come across experts who mention their concerns.

One of the biggest issues that come up time and time again, is that they’re not stable enough. If toddlers are able to
Babies are also able to reach objects at higher heights compared to before. If there are dangerous items around, this could be problematic.

However, after reviewing some of these worries, we found that most parents won’t have to deal with them.
Provided that you are present and close to your infant as they use it, you can make sure any possible dangers are avoided.

Furthermore, you could get them a baby push walker with brakes for added safety.

Q: Do baby push walkers delay walking?
When babies are learning to walk, their leg muscles play a large role. Using baby push walkers can help to speed up their development. Although, we don’t recommend solely relying on these baby walkers to teach your child how to walk.

They should be used in addition to giving your infant the chance to walk on their own two feet. This lets them work on their balance skills and involves more of the other muscles used in walking, such as the hips.

 Q: When can babies use push walkers?
The exact age advised for when babies can use push walkers varies. There are many factors that come into play, such as their strength, balancing abilities, and the rate at which they are developing.

There are certain situations where implementing a baby push walker with resistance will help to further their walking abilities.

As long as your baby is at least four months old, you can start putting them into walkers. But just like we mentioned earlier, it’s paramount that you are always there to keep them safe and in control.

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