The 10 Best Bike Trailer For Toddler – Reviews & Guide 2020

Taking care of children is no easy feat. Parents and caregivers are often forced to make lifestyle choices like giving up hiking or stopping their daily bike rides because they can’t leave their toddlers alone. However, you don’t need to give up on your hobbies if you use products that help in keeping your baby close even as you perform your favorite hobby.

Best Toddler Bike Trailers

The presence of sports-specific trailers and activity-specific baby trailers has motivated people to pursue their passions in the presence of their babies. These trailers have been made by experts from the field of design, engineering, and pediatrics. Together the experts have created bike trailers that are safe and functional. 

We have curated a list of the best bike trailer for toddler. These trailers will make sure that you continue your jogging and bike run without abandoning your toddler in their crib or hiring a babysitter. These trailers will surely improve your lifestyle by many folds and will inspire you to live life to the fullest. 

Types Of Bike Trailers 

Today there are several different bike trailers available in the market.  The selection of which type of bike trailer is best for you depends on your needs and lifestyle. It’s hard to categorize a large number of strollers available in the market today, but we can still broadly classify bike trailers into three categories, such as:

1. Multi-Sport Trailer

It will be safe to say that the most expensive and high-end bike trailers fall in the multi-sport category. These trailers are equipped with all advanced features such as shock neutralizing breaks, reclining seats, and massive portability. You will get the smoothest ride and elevated security additions with multi-sport trailers. 

You can buy them between the price range of 450 US dollars to 700 US dollars. It’s wise to invest in an expensive sports stroller if you are into adventure sports like skiing or are looking for a trailer that gives your baby the utmost comfort and protection. 

2. Trailer Only

These are the most basic bike trailers that do not come with jogging wheels. They are most suited for families who like to go on slow walks on smooth surfaces. These trailers have basic features like adjustable straps and protective mesh, but they lack advanced qualities like suspensions. 

You can find a good trailer priced between 100 US dollars to 400 US dollars. If you are a new custodian, then you can purchase a standard trailer and then gradually move to more high-end and specialized strollers. 

3. Jogging Trailer Or A Stroller

These bike trailers come with either a jogging wheel or a strolling wheel. People who regularly go for jogging in areas having minor bumps should buy strollers from this category. 

The strollers that fall in this category are at the mid-price range of 200 US dollars to 400 US dollars. They also lack high-end features like specialized air vents and recliners. The jogging strollers are mostly seen as a neutral choice between sports trailers and standard strollers. 

Comparison Chart of 10 Best Bike Trailer For Toddlers

Quick LookProductWeightWeather-resistantCheck Price
Burley Design Bee 18.7 lbs
Instep Bike Trailer 26 lbs
Hamax Outback 44 lbs
Retrospec Rover 22 lbs
Burley Encore X 24.7 lbs
Thule Chariot Cross 44.5 lbs
Allen Sports Deluxe 24 lbs
Instep Quick-N-EZ 25 lbs
Aosom Elite 360 45 lbs
Schwinn Joyrider 25.6 lbs

10 Best Bike Trailer for Toddler Reviews

1. Burley Design Bee Kids Bike-Only Trailer

The name Burley has become synonymous with high quality. For more than 4 decades, this brand has served parents across the country with reliable child care products. 

Their latest product burley bee bike trailer has gained popularity ever since its launch. This product has been presented in the market after a thorough crush test, drop test, and curb test and has proven to be a highly durable and sturdy product.

  • Storage Space

Kids always need a few essential items like emergency diapers and toys. It can be a hassle to carry this added stuff in a separate container, but with the help of a burley bike trailer, you don’t have to worry about extra space. You can simply store things in the rear back storage space. 

  • Portable and Compactly Designed

One can very compactly fold this product that makes it highly portable. Now you don’t have to think twice about taking this bike trailer with you during your travel routine. You can easily fit it in the bunk of your car or even carry it by yourself. This product just weighs 18.7 pounds. 

  • Highly Secure

A child’s security in a bike trailer is one of the most important things. With ASTM certification and hammock-style seating, the user can ensure a child’s safety with the trailer. For added security, there are reflective piping and a neon orange safety flag embedded in the bike.  There are 5 harnesses that make sure that the toddler is properly secured. 

  • Comes with rear cargo space
  • Gives UPF 30 for sun protection
  • Has reflectors on the front and back of the trailer
  • Comes with a neon orange safety flag
  • Has 5 harnesses to buckle up the baby
  • The seat padding is of inferior quality
  • Gets overheated when kept in the sun for a long time

2. Instep Bike Trailer For Kids

The Instep Bike Trailer for Kids is an excellent bike trailer that offers extreme comfort to your child. Parents across the United States who are seeking Bike Trailers for 2 toddlers recommend and buy Instep products because this is the brand that people can trust when it comes to taking care of kids. 

  • Compatible Bike Coupler

It can be an endless search to pick a Bike Trailers for childs that are compatible with your bike. While it’s great to have a baby trailer that comfortably fits your bicycle, what is even better is to have a trailer that works well with all kinds of two-wheelers. And this Instep bike is one such product. 

The coupler can be attached to any bike carrier as it comes with a universal fit. 

  • Comes With a Bug Screen

Putting a child in a baby carrier can be a risky thing if that trailer does not come with added features like bug screen and mesh. This Instep trailer gives you not just a bug screen and mesh, but it also has a rear vent window. Now you can relax in a meadow or the middle of your hiking path without worrying about mosquitoes or bugs harming your child. 

  • Easy To Fold

Many parents refuse to invest in expensive bike trailers because of their bulky appearance. For a long time, parents around the world were looking for carriers that can be ported easily to distant places during vacations. The makers at Instep tapped into this need and created this carrier with a very compact design that makes the folding, storing, and assembling process very easy. 

  • Comes with an anti-bug screen
  • Comes with a weather shield
  • Can accommodate 2 kids
  • Easy to store
  • Its coupler attaches to every bike
  • The tires get busted frequently under pressure
  • The tires get overinflated easily

3. Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer + Stroller

Are you in the lookout for a single child bike trailer that is made of durable metal alloys and comes with appropriate safety certification? Are you tired of purchasing and then replacing bike trailers? If yes, then your search for a durable and sturdy bike carrier ends with Hamax Outback Multi-Sport Child Bike Trailer + Stroller. 

  • Full-fledged Safety Features

Before getting Bike Trailers for a single child, the most important thing to consider is the safety features. This Hamax trailer is EN, and ASTM certified that indicates high-quality standards of construction. It comes with 5 point safety harness that gives a guarantee of holding the toddler in place. 

Since this product is made up of 100 percent aluminum frame, you don’t have to worry about corrosion or rusting possibilities.  The parking brakes of this bike trailer are very strong. To increase visibility, you can find high-quality reflectors attached to the trailer.

  • Spacious Cockpit

Having a spacious cockpit is another USP of this product. Often babies feel uncomfortable in strollers and bike carriers because of restrictive space, but you won’t find the space problem here. The baby can comfortably stretch in this stroller. The rubber-lined mats give added comfort to the baby, which makes the stroller suitable for prolonged durations. 

  • Customizable Suspension Seats

The adjustable shock suspensions included in the bike trailer, make sure that the baby is not harmed by obstacles that come in the way. These shock absorbing suspension seats enable you to drive at high speed without worrying about harming your child. 

The topsy turvy and uneven roads will not be able to harm the baby as all the disruptions will get neutralized via ergonomically designed seats that are shockproof. In addition to padded seats, the presence of adjustable head and neck rest will make every ride comfortable and secure for the baby. 

  • Comes with adjustable headrests
  • It has highly comfortable seating
  • It has UV protected windows
  • Easy to fold
  • Has spacious interiors
  • Expensively priced
  • Very heavy

4. Retrospec Rover Kids Bicycle Trailer

Whether you are looking for a double bike trailer or a single child bike trailer, the best brand to pick is Retrospec. Retrospec started as a cycle making brand, but soon they started making equipment like strollers and bicycle trailers. One of their most popular products is the Retrospec Rover Kids Bicycle Trailer. 

  • Safety Features

The Rover Kids Bicycle Trailer is equipped with a 5-point safety harness. With these safety harnesses, the toddler will be securely strapped in. Additionally, the weather and bug shields offer protection against natural elements. The presence of a high-visibility safety flag and a reflective fabric can come handy during emergency and SOS situations. 

  • Weather Resistant

With the weather-resistant feature, you can take your baby directly on to nature without worrying about harsh sunlight or fast wind harming your baby. The rearview window is also protected and held securely. Bugs, mosquitoes, and dust can cause allergies to small children, but inside this stroller, the baby will be completely safe. 

  • Compact and Spacious

You can judge the high-quality and ingenuity of this trailer by seeing how compactly it folds. The sturdy steel components of this product seamlessly fold, and within minutes, you can convert a fully-fledged stroller into a small size. 

Other than being easy to store, there is a rear pocket in the Retrospec Rover. In this pocket, you can store toys, food, and extra blankets.  This pocket is also protected by a bug shield so all your things will be preserved properly. With the help of this storage pocket, you can store your essential items without carrying an extra bag. 

  • 5 point safety harness
  • Comes with CPSC approved safety reflectors
  • Convenient to fold and store
  • Comes with protective fabric
  • Has ample storage facility
  • Pretty heavy
  • Tires blow out under pressure

5. Burley Encore X 2 Seat Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller

For those who are tired of buying a trailer that does not keep up with their active lifestyle, the Burley Encore X 2 Seat Kids Bike Trailer & Stroller is a godsend.  It is perfect for people who have been looking for a stroller that aligns with their vigorous and energetic excursions.

  • Swift Transition

Burley double bike trailer is a versatile product that can be quickly transitioned from a bike trailer to a hand stroller. It can also be converted into a best bike cargo trailer by removing its straps and buckles. 

  • Innovative Seat Pads

The seat pads of this trailer can be removed to facilitate easy cleaning. They are also made in a way that provides optimum comfort to the baby. 

  • Protective Suspension

The protective suspension embedded in the trailer ensures that regardless of the terrain, the trailer moves smoothly. 

  • Easy to install wheels
  • Water-resistant covers and zippers
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Comes with sunshade
  • Very smooth suspension
  • Ventilation can be improved
  • Gets overheated when kept in open

6. Thule Chariot Cross Sport Stroller

Most baby strollers that we see in the market are made for daily activities like grocery runs and a stroll in the park. This leaves many people who are sports enthusiasts to settle for regular baby carriers. But the Thule bike trailer is perfect for those who have an adventurous spirit.

It is made with sports grade material that can keep your baby protected from the cold and harsh weather. It is so highly flexible and can work for strolling and skiing both. It has top-notch security features and an adjustable suspension that protects your baby against bumps.

The durability and flexibility of this sports stroller have made it one of the most popular and widely acclaimed Bike Trailers for Kids.

  • Added Ventilation

The stroller comes with extra ventilating pockets that maximize the airflow. The removable ventilation vents optimize the crossing of air and make sure that the baby feels comfortable. 

  • Extra Cargo Storage

There is an attached cargo space that can be removed and added according to your convenience. If you are indulging in an intense sporting activity, then you can remove this cargo space if you feel it’s coming on your way. This adjustable cargo storage makes the Thule stroller particularly suitable for those who are looking for extra space to carry essentials like extra diapers or snacks. 

  • Adjustable Handlebars

A sign of a good stroller is that it should be comfortable to use. Adjustable handlebars play a very important role when it comes to making a stroller easy to use. With this product, you can modify the position of the handlebars according to your height. 

  • Comes with a rear light
  • It comes with adjustable handlebars
  • It is very versatile and can be used for skiing in addition to jogging and walking
  • Very stylish looking
  • It comes in different fashionable colors
  • Takes time to get used to the stroller
  • The front wheels need to be wide

7. Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer

For more than half a century, Allen Sports has been making excellent quality bike-related products. People around the world have associated Allen Sports for their state of the art engineering and construction skills. The Allen Sports Deluxe Steel Child Trailer is another product that has enhanced the 53-year-old legacy of the brand by proving to be a trustworthy baby trailer. 

  • Quick Conversion

One of the reasons why this product falls in the list of best bike trailer for toddlers because of how ingeniously designed it is. You can quickly convert this product from a baby trailer to a stroller within minutes. 

  • Parking Brake

This product comes with parking brakes that will prevent the stroller from sliding or moving around. The sturdy steel construction with 20-inch steel wheels will help you move with stability and ease without adding extra pressure. 

  • Expansive Windows

People might think that strollers have a functional purpose of taking your kids from one place to another, but recent researches have also proved that good strollers can also aid in the positive growth of your child. 

Exposing a young child to the outdoors makes them curious and more healthy. Therefore one should prefer a child trailer that comes with windows and offers an expansive view; one such best bike cargo trailer is the allen s2 bike trailer. The large windows allow your child to experience the beauty of nature and explore the fascinating world. 

  • Comes with a five-point safety harness
  • Changes into the stroller quickly
  • Made of the rugged steel frame
  • Has 100 lb load taking capacity
  • Very stylish looking
  • Hard to assemble
  • The fabric is poorly sewed

8. Instep Quick-N-Ez Double Tow Behind Bike Trailer

The Instep Quick-N-EZ Double Tow Behind Bike Trailer is a three in one product that converts seamlessly to a trailer, jogger, and a bike carrier within minutes. This 25-pound versatile child carrier can be easily dubbed as an all-rounder. 

  • Great Weight Management Capacity

Even though the carrier weighs just 22 pounds, it has a weight limit of 80 pounds. Additionally, you can also include 12 pounds more in the rear storage area of this product. This means the total capacity of the Instep tow bike trailer is 92 pounds. 

With these weight management capacities, you have the freedom to load additional things other than the toddler in this carrier. You could also use the carrier for several years, even as your baby gains weight because of its 80-pound weight limit. 

  • Sufficient Safety Features

The folding frame design of this object allows the user to assemble and store it easily. In addition to being portable, this tow-behind trailer is also supported by 16-inch tires that have molded rims. The five-point harnesses secure the baby properly. 

The bug shield and the weather shield also guard the toddlers against weather, dust, pollution, mosquitoes, and insects.  Having a baby trailer with ample safety features is the most important criterion for any baby carrier. With regard to safety, this product gets a very high score. 

  • Comes With Warranty

This Instep device comes with one-year warranty coverage. 

  • Comes with the bug shield
  • Comes with a weather shield
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Gives smooth rides
  • Tires bust easily
  • The straps will take time to get used to

9. Aosom Elite 360 Swivel 2-In-1 Double Child Two-Wheel Bicycle Cargo Trailer

A common query that outdoor enthusiasts have about baby strollers is that they can’t find ways to include toddlers in their excursions because they have not found a suitable bicycle trailer that protects the baby against harsh natural elements. If you are one of them, then it’s time to get your hands on the latest Aosom Elite 360 Swivel 2-in-1 Double Child Two-Wheel Bicycle Cargo Trailer.

  • Versatility

The Aosom Bicycle Trailer is very versatile, and it can double up as a simple jogging stroller as well. Whether it is a simple jog around the block or a biking adventure, this product has got you covered. 

  • Sling Seat and Canopies

The flexible shock-resistant sling seats prevent the child from bumpy roads or potholes. The 5 point safety harness also helps wrap the baby more securely. Additionally, the removable canopies protect the child from debris, harsh sun, and wind. 

  • Spacious

The weight holding capacity of the Aoson bicycle trailer is 88 lbs, and there is ample space in the trailer for carrying two babies. This spaciousness also allows the user to add groceries and cargo in the trailer without worrying about having a constricted space. 

  • It comes with Adjustable Handle and Brake
  • It comes with a safety flag
  • Has a 360-degree swivel wheel
  • As removable canopy
  • It comes with a reflector
  • The reflector is not of high quality
  • The fabric loses color easily

10. Schwinn Joyrider, Echo, And Trailblazer Child Bike Trailer

The brand Schwinn has been making bikes and bike-related products since 1895. Their Schwinn Joyrider, Echo, and Trailblazer Child Bike Trailer shows the mastery and craftsmanship of a 125-year-old company by delivering a durable and sophisticated bike trailer. 

  • Universal Bike Coupler

You can adjust the bike couper to any bicycle without worrying about the fit. This universal fitting ensures that now you don’t have to worry about matching the bike and the bike trailer together to get the perfect fit. Additionally, you can also take the trailer with you to different travel destinations and then use it with your rented bikes as fitting will not be an issue. 

  • Extra Space And Ventilation

This bike trailer is very comfortable and airy. The child can move around without feeling congested, and the added ventilation prevents overheating and suffocation. Your baby will feel fresh and at ease in the Schwinn Joyrider. 

  • Protective Shields

The high-quality bug shield and weather shield will keep harmful bugs and raw elements of nature at the bay. Be it rain or harsh weather, the interiors of the bike trailer will be completely safe. 

  • It comes with added storage space
  • Easy to fit in tight spaces such as closets
  • Stylish looks
  • Has a safety flag for extra visibility
  • Has shoulder pads and five-point harness
  • Not easy to assemble
  • The tires need frequent changing

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Bike Trailer For Toddler

A bike trailer is something that should not be brought in a hurry. It’s crucial that you buy a stroller after much, though because a wrong purchase can harm your child and hamper your lifestyle. Here are a few factors that you must consider before investing in a bike trailer for your toddler: 

Safety Features

Safety features should be your topmost priority whenever you are seeking a baby carrier. First and foremost, look for safety harnesses. Anything less than a 5 point safety harness is not good enough. Then look for padded and adjustable handlebars and seats.

All strollers must come with breaks that prevent the stroller from sliding. These stop brakes keep the stroller in place when they are parked properly. There have been many instances where the babies have sustained injuries because their strollers swayed away. 

The reflector lights and bright colored flags prevent collisions by raising attention to the stroller. These reflector lights are particularly important for bike trailers. 

Weight Of The Child

Every stroller is made with keeping the weight handling capacity in mind. Therefore, always check the weight compatibility of the stroller and your baby’s weight before making any purchase. 

Never buy a baby carrier that does not align with the weight of the toddler as it can lead to accidents and injuries. A lightweight baby will need extra padding and tighter straps to be properly strapped in. While a grown-up toddler will not need added cushioning.

Ease Of Use

Make sure to get a stroller that is easy to assemble and use. If you are using a multipurpose trailer, then make sure that it is easy to convert from one feature to another. Why should you buy a stroller which takes close to 10 minutes to strap your baby in and then takes another 10 minutes to take the baby out? 

These things will not just waste your time but can also hamper the safety of the toddler. One should not spend their money on a product that has complicated buckles and or hard to open zips. Having an uncomplicated bike trailer or a stroller will make your daily work stress. 

Storage Space

People often underestimate the need for having a comfortably spacious baby trailer. If your baby trailer is not spacious enough, then your baby can feel overheated and suffocated. 

The baby carrier must have enough space for the baby to stretch unrestrictedly. It should allow for movements, and the baby should also be able to sit upright without hurting their head.

If you are buying Bike Trailers for double childs, then keep in mind that both toddlers should be placed in a manner that they don’t feel congested. A congested stroller can make the baby very uncomfortable and might also hamper their growth. A spacious stroller ensures proper ventilation and helps a baby grow healthily.


Always buy a versatile stroller. There is no point in putting money in an expensive baby carrier that does not transition into a jogging stroller. These are the days of versatility and multipurpose use; therefore, it is only natural that one must buy a stroller that is designed holistically. 

You should have a bike trailer that works well on the sandy terrain of the beach and also moves smoothly on bumpy concrete roads. One should always be prepared for all kinds of situations, especially with a baby. Hence, it is a smart move to look for a stroller that allows quick transitions and is fit to be used in different situations.

Roll Cage and Durability

Someone who has used baby carriers for a long time will tell you that no matter how careful you are, you are bound to get bumped into things. These things can be letterboxes, garbage cans, or unattended children and pets. Therefore, one needs to buy a baby carrier that is durable and does get kinks easily. 

One must look for strollers that have stainless steel frames, cast-iron rods or are made with material like aircraft-grade aluminum. Other than this, having a rollover cage protection means the baby will be protected even if the stroller rolls over.

Bug and Weather Protection

Almost all strollers come with sheets that protect the baby from insects and weather. These sheets are most often made of mesh and plastic. One needs the bug protection mesh to save the baby from mosquitoes that can spread diseases like dengue and malaria. Since mosquitoes often occupy spaces like parks, it is all the more important to cover the child with anti-bug mesh during your walks. 

Protection from the sun is also an important feature that people must consider. Harmful ultraviolet rays can damage your baby’s sensitive skin and eyes. In colder weather, the baby needs a carrier that has heat absorption. Dust and pollen can also trigger allergies. To prevent these things from hampering the health of the toddler, look for strollers with appropriate covers.


The lack of ventilation can cause overheating and suffocation. Therefore always have a stroller that allows adequate ventilation. Have mesh windows and moisture-wicking seats that do not cause sweat to accumulate. Avoid weather protectors that are completely made of plastic. The lack of a complete absence of ventilation will make the strollers not just uncomfortable but also highly unhygienic.

Other Important Factors To Consider About Toddler Bike Trailer

  1. Do You Need A Single Trailer Or Double Trailer?

If you have twins or if you have two toddlers, then it’s better to buy a double trailer. It is nearly impossible to handle two separate trailers properly regardless of how good the bike trailer is. While selecting a double trailer, make sure that it can hold two babies of different weights and sizes. 

  1. Do You Want To Use The Trailer For More Than Just Biking?

It is important to know what are your daily activities are before buying a baby trailer. If you are going to use the stroller or the bike trailer for your daily walks, then you can simply buy a regular stroller. 

However, if you want to go biking on a dirty track, then it’s good to buy a hard duty bike trailer that comes with added durability. 

  1. What Kind Of Terrain Will You Be Riding On?

If you are going to ride on unsteady terrain, then make sure your baby stroller has wide and strong tires. Another very important thing is the presence of shockproof suspensions. Without the shockproof suspensions, the baby will get hurt by unexpected turns and potholes. While having suspensions is generally a great idea, you don’t need extra-wide tires if you will be riding on smooth terrain. 

  1. How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

People often underestimate the need for having a comfortably spacious baby trailer. If your baby trailer is not spacious enough, then your baby can feel overheated and suffocated. The baby carrier must have enough space for the baby to stretch unrestrictedly. It should allow for movements, and the baby should also be able to sit upright without hurting their head.

If you are buying Bike Trailers for double childs, then keep in mind that both toddlers should be placed in a manner that they don’t feel congested. A congested stroller can make the baby very uncomfortable and might also hamper their growth. A spacious stroller ensures proper ventilation and helps a baby grow healthily. 

  1. Are You Going To Be Riding Up Hills?

If you are someone who will use the trailer in an upwards position, then ensure that the stroller is equipped with strong brakes that prevent the stroller from falling backward or sliding down. The presence of strong breaks and the anti-sliding feature, such as anti-skid legs, is immensely important for those who frequently use a stroller while riding up the hills.  

  1. Do You Need The Trailer That Is Suitable For Travelling?

If you are a frequent traveler, then you must invest in a portable trailer. One must invest in a baby stroller that is sturdy and yet lightweight. The mark of superior technology is how compactly a baby carrier is designed. One should invest their money in a foldable, lightweight, and convenient to carry trailer. 

  1. How Old Is Your Child?

If you have a newborn, then you need a stroller that has been made with consultation with a pediatrician or physiologist. For newborns, you will need a stroller that provides ample neck & back support. Badly structured strollers can impact the posture of a baby. 

If your baby is older than 15 months, then you can use a stroller with a more relaxed paddling and open area. But make sure that the baby carrier is well ventilated and has protective features that save the baby from bugs, ultraviolet rays, dust, and other elements of nature. 

  1. What Is Your Lifestyle? 

The most important factor to consider before buying a stroller is considering the lifestyle of the caregiver. For sports enthusiasts, sports grade strollers are the best choice to give your baby added protection and also help you enjoy the activities to the fullest by being easy to use and ergonomic. 

For those who just like to go on an occasional jog or a slow-paced bike ride should consider jogging strollers. People who have a slow-paced lifestyle can choose a standard stroller that does not have advanced features. 

The Bottom Line

The products mentioned in the list qualify all criteria set for a reliable stroller or a bike trailer. They are easy to use, uncomplicated, and well made. These products have all required safety features and will ensure the well being of your child against accidents, environmental elements, and discomfort. 

You will not regret buying any item recommended in the list. All the above-mentioned bike carriers fall in a wide range of budgets and are made for diverse conditions, but they all live up to the high standards of quality and performance. 

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