5 Best Three-Wheeled Strollers For Babies And Busy Parents

You might be a health-conscious and a busy parent with chores to do. But you also have a baby and want to be a responsible parent.

How can you balance the two? Simple! Get yourself a jogging stroller.

best three-wheeled strollers

Modern innovation is bringing you something that allows you to follow your regular routines like jogging, while your baby tags along with you.

What’s more? They are robust and designed to work on multiple terrains and offer exceptional control.

More importantly, you can carry out your daily tasks, like shopping in a crowded market, easily by using these strollers. For better maneuverability, three-wheeled strollers are the best choice.

However, not all three-wheeled strollers are designed for jogging.  Hence, we are bringing you the list of best three-wheeled strollers. Take your bundle of joy to a fascinating trip of exploration along with you with these top selections.

Comparison chart of Top 5 three-wheeled strollers

Quick LookNameWeightBody FrameCheck Price
Baby Trend Expedition 27 pounds Steel Frame
Joovy zoom 360 Ultralight 25.7 pounds Aluminum Frame
Jeep Cross-Country Sports 27 pounds Steel Frame
Baby Trend Expedition 41 pounds Steel Frame
BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 28.5 pounds Black Steel Frame

5 best three-wheeled strollers review 2020

1. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Jogging is not the only time you will take your child out for a stroll, and there are shopping and other chores. You need a stroller that can work in any situation and fit your needs.

This expedition jogger is great to take your baby with you. With its large bicycle-like tires, it will work on any surface, smoothly. Its front swivel wheel provides easy movements, but it can be locked while jogging to offer sturdiness.

There are two cup holders with a tray so that you don’t miss your morning snacks or beverage. Your child can enjoy with you as there is an extra child tray and cup holder available.

Furthermore, there is a large canopy and storage basket to meet your requirements. You won’t need an extra bag to carry baby essentials or groceries, as it offers apt storage space.

You will find all the essential safety measures like belts, padded seats, five-point harness, and tethers in this stroller. Its rubber handle is widened to fit your grip, especially while running. The robust build is a result of the steel frame construction, making it one of the best three-wheeled strollers.

  • Break-lock for the front wheel
  • Easy folding option
  • Supports infant car seat
  • Can support up to 50 pounds
  • Canopy does not offer full coverage
  • Requires both hands for trigger-folding

2. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Carrying your child on a stroller is not easy while jogging. You need a stroller that is light and eases your process of carrying the child with easy movements and steering.

Give your child a great view! Joovy Zoom is coming with a spacious and high child seat that offers multiple recycling positions. Made with aluminum material, this robust jogger can support the weight of up to 75 pounds. It offers optimum space and comfort to any child ranging from the age of 3 months or above.

It’s lightweight, which makes it convenient for jogging with a straight axel. Thus, you can run without worrying about stumbling away from the path. The 12 inch front wheel at the front offers further stability, and it can be locked for running and jogging.

Jogging does not come without bumps along the road. To ensure that your child has a comfortable ride, it comes with suspensions. These suspensions reduce the discomfort of uneven bumps and other obstacles to a minimum.

For extra control and stable stops, Joovy zoom comes with rear parking breaks. Talking about convenience, it has mesh pockets for storage. Furthermore, it can fold quickly with quick-releasing wheels for optimal storage.

  • It is capacious with apt leg space
  • Easy folding option
  • Easy breaks for stops
  • Can support 75 pounds
  • Only supports a maximum height of around 25 inches from seating
  • It is larger than standard baby strollers

3. Jeep Cross-Country Sport Plus Jogger by Delta Children

If you’re an active parent, you need a stroller that will offer an adventure to your child, without any obstacle. For those who love outdoor activities and want to offer utmost safety to their child, here is a Jeep Cross-Country Sport Plut Jogger.

It is durable and comprises of high-grade fabric and steel frame. There is a parent organizer and also a tray with a cup holder. The storage compartment offers adequate storage space with cover to keep them packed.

It has soft shoulder pads and five-point harness, and the seat can be reclined to multiple positions for your child to enjoy the view. Sun visor and peek a boo window will keep them safe from the trials of the sun while adding anticipation of the exploration.

How is it suitable for outdoor activity? It has 16 inches of metal-air spoke wheels at the back and 12 inches of the front swivel with a lock that makes it highly sturdy with complete control. It only weighs 27 pounds, making it easier to carry. Furthermore, it meets the standards of JPMA, ASTM, and CPSC.

  • Covered storage space
  • JPMA, ASTM, and CPSC Certified
  • Metal Air spoke Wheels
  • Peek a Boo Window for fun activities
  • The grip might not be long-lasting
  • The basket may not support heavy items

4. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

Looking past strolling, there are times you need to travel, and it calls for a travel-friendly stroller.  You are looking for one that fits all terrains. Therefore, you won’t have to buy an additional stroller.

The baby trend jogger system is designed for traveling that can support up to 50 pounds and a height of 42 inches. It comes with all the standard integration you will find in other strollers. However, its 16 inches rear and 12-inch front tires are built with a purpose to suit any terrain.

It comes with EZ-Flex Lock as a car seat with five harness points for sturdy grip. Hence, this stroller fits your traveling needs. The energy-absorbing foams and side-impact protection is great for overcoming the hustle and bustle of the road. You don’t have to worry each time you take a sharp turn or use sudden breaks.

It has 5 point harness, tethers, and large canopy. You also get the standard storage space and option with the basket. Being travel-friendly, it is easy to fold for storage.

  • Suitable for outdoor and traveling expeditions
  • Sturdy car seat
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Can support 50 pounds and 42 inches of height
  • The material might not be as comfortable, for added durability.
  • Car Seat only supports 30 pounds of weight

5. BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller

Best Three-Wheeled Strollers

If you want the world to turn their heads to look at your stylish stroller, here is a perfect choice. With vibrant color choices and aesthetical appeal, here is a stroller for those who love physical activity.

This flexible stroller can even take your infant for a stroll and supports the immense weight of 75 pounds. Don’t relly on the carry bags for your children anymore. It has fantastic stability for jogging speeds. The mountain bike suspension in the stroller is a further addition for the utmost comfort to your child.

Controlling a stroller can be an exhaustive task with other options; this one comes with a handlebar that can shift into nine different positions. You might be worried about losing grip of the handle, but it also comes with a wrist strap. So no more worries about losing the grip on the stroller.

With all the standard integrations like five-point harness, it also comes with near-flat recline. It is especially great to prevent soreness in the neck for your child. Furthermore, the UPF 50 Plus canopy is larger than the others.

No need to carry an extra bag for your fitness equipment. To meet all your gear requirements, especially related to fitness, there are extra-large baskets and pockets. Therefore, you can carry extra items. As the stroller is also lighter, you won’t weigh anything down either. It is compatible with infant car seats with a variety of adapters.

  • Sleek and Stylish
  • Compatible with 0-8 weeks old infants
  • Extra storage space and pockets for gear
  • Can support 75 pounds
  • Might need different car adapters for different models
  • Might not be spacious for kids older than 4 years

What to look for when buying three-wheeled strollers

There are different aspects you should consider when buying a three-wheeled stroller. You should pay attention to the features and the overall convenience that it offers to your baby also.

  • Stroller Weight: A light-weight stroller will be easier to handle. But make sure that it is not too light and has a fragile construct as these types of strollers are not suitable for jogging.
  • Height-Weight Support: Consider how much weight it can support. Your child will eventually grow bigger and heavier. So space should also be considered.
  • Break Module: Is it a single press weight or a level. There are different break styles that offer convenience accordingly. Choose the one suitable for your requirements.
  • Parent Convenience: Extra features like storage pockets or a tray is a great addition for your convenience.
  • Child Convenience: Options like car travel seats, child tray, and comfortable safety measures would be better.
  • Storage Options: With apt space, it must offer decent storage options. Best three-wheeled strollers come with options like mesh pockets, and storage unit below the seats, and so on.

Adequate Safety Measures

The primary reason for buying any stroller is the safety of the child. You are looking for ways to carry them with you.

However, you need to do it without making it inconvenient for your child or yourself. The best way is the stroller. It needs to have the best protection, like foams and belts, to hold your baby. A sturdy build is important so that it won’t fall or stumble away when you’re not looking. Therefore, breaks are always important. Extra tethers and impact-absorbing protection is always an admirable addition.

High Maneuverability

Whether you’re jogging, indulging in an outdoor activity, or doing chores like shopping, good maneuverability is always important. You need to have firm control over the stroller and ease in moving it to change its direction according to your convenience.

It should also support you enough so that you won’t trip or fall, nor should it prove to be too heavy for you to use. With bigger wheels and premium-grade material, many three-wheeled strollers will offer you adequate maneuverability. A good grip also pays equal importance for controlling the stroller.

Easy Maintenance

Three-wheeled strollers are quite expensive and come with highly durable material. However, it is still important to maintain them. As you have the responsibility of the child, you can not pay deliberate attention to clean or maintain them.

Therefore, a three-wheeled stroller should be easy to clean, convenient to carry, and seamless to assemble whenever you need it. Without investing excessively, you should have a stroller ready for any task.

Convenient Features

Pay attention to what you’re looking for in a stroller. There are many comfortable options they come with. Extra space for storage, more weight or length support, mesh pockets, easy folding options, and much more. For your beverage and meals, there might be an extra tray and holder to help you.

Other important factors to consider

1. Top benefits of three-wheeled strollers

A three-wheeled stroller will always be a great choice for an active parent. Whether you like to go out for a jog or a walk. There are some very distinctive benefits to having a three-wheeled stroller compared to a four-wheeler.

  • They are great in design and will offer you a sporty look, and other similar aesthetical perks that will get the heads turning.
  • They are suitable for multiple terrains, whether it be ground, concrete, tiles, or anything else.
  • They offer a fantastic level of stability and maneuverability for easy handling and sturdy control.

2. Here are some disadvantages of three-wheeled strollers

Three-wheeled strollers are not made for everyone. Due to their robust build, they can prove to be quite bulky and heavy in comparison to a four-wheeled stroller. Furthermore, a three-wheeled stroller is:

  • Costly than the four-wheeled ones due to the material composition and the design.
  • Not convenient for traveling and may require additional steps actually to fold for compact traveling.
  • There is less demand for three-wheeled than four-wheeled. So there may be fewer choices available for you.

Overall, if you’re serious about for active lifestyle or fitness endeavor, only then should you opt for a three-wheeled stroller.

3. Should I buy a three-wheeled stroller for my little one?

If you’re a parent who is looking for the safety features in a stroller, then three-wheeled strollers are robust. They have great safety integration from tethers, five-point harness, firm grip, and strong body frame.

The foams are usually provided to absorb shock and impact to offer the utmost comfort. If you don’t want to lose control of a stroller’s movement, then a three-wheeled stroller is a great option. While these strollers are heavy, they are one of the safest innovations available for you to carry your baby into.

4. The ideal age for using the three-wheeled strollers

Modern innovations in strollers have led them to be stronger than before. It is not about age anymore. It is more about height and weight. Some strollers can support up to 75 pounds, with great heights. However, according to doctors and specialists, your child shouldn’t need a stroller after turning three years old. You can start using a stroller as early as three months. Rest depends on the growth of your child.

The Bottom Line

A baby stroller is your reliable partner when the safety of the baby is concerned. It should offer apt storage, proper safety, and easy handling to ensure that you can go through your day with ease. It can be tough being a parent in a rigorously exhaustive routine of the modern world.

These five best three-wheeled strollers are here to ease up your load while you also take care of yourself. Without sacrificing your quality time and bond with your precious children, excel in this vigorous life with these strollers.

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