Best Trampoline For Kids 2020: The Ultimate Guide

Best Trampoline for KidsBouncing on sofa, bed or chair or jumping on kids trampoline? Which one would you prefer for your kids? Apparently, you can’t allow them to jump on the sofa or other furniture as there are chances they might fall down or damage the furniture. So what’s the solution?

It would be a smart move to channelize that energy and get them a trampoline that would provide them unlimited fun. It is an excellent equipment for kids because they will be able to bounce freely without falling down.

However, making your way to the best model can be confusing, so we have created a list of the best trampoline for kids that would ideal for your kid’s enjoyment. All the products have been finalized after a lot of scrutiny and comparison with other models so you can stay assured that you are not getting any wrong model.

Best Trampoline for Kids 2020 : Our Top Picks

Quick LookNameWeightRecommended AgeCheck Out
Little Tikes 3' 15.17 lbs 3 years - 6 years
Original Toy Company 16.9 lbs 3 years - 6 years
Sportspower 84" 70 lbs 3 years - 8 years
Skywalker 8-Feet Round 80 lbs 3 years - 8 years
Merax 14' Round 140 lbs 3 years - 12 years

** Above all the ratings are given by our editors/authors based on their expertise. Click above the name of the product or button to see the price on amazon.**

Now, without further indulging you into an introduction let’s start looking at the in-depth review of all the above models we have listed for you.

5 Best Trampoline for Kids Reviews

1. Little Tikes 3′ TrampolineBest Toddler Trampoline

Main Attributes

  • Recommended age between 3 and 6years.
  • Maximum weight capacity 55lbs.
  • 34inch jumping surface.
  • Premium quality webbing material.
  • Overall weight is 15.17pounds.


Little Tikes is quite a well-known brand to most of the people in the United States, and it is due to their broad range of kid playing equipment which includes a 3inch trampoline. It is a highly durable trampoline that has numerous positive reviews on Amazon from different parents. It offers all kind of functionality that you would expect from a toddler-targeted trampoline.

Attributes Overview

Little Tikes 3inch trampoline is probably one of the most excellent playing equipment for kids that have brought a smile to the face to many toddlers. It is a 3inch full round trampoline that is suitable for the toddler between the age of 3 and 6years. However, a kid around 7years and 8years also can play on that trampoline, but they need to be careful. It is great equipment which would easily attract kids from their couch and spend the right amount of time strengthening their muscles. This model can be used anywhere whether you place it outside in the garden or install it in your hall room even though it is made for indoor usage.

Little Tikes 3inch trampoline has gained a lot of praise for its brawny body structure, and all the credit goes to meticulously blended metal and plastic amalgamation. It comes four sturdy stands with a rounded bottom which permits the trampoline to stand firmly on the ground without causing any misbalance. An advantage of using this model is that it comes with a stand which has rubber bottoms that ensure there isn’t any scratch on the floor of your house. It has a long 34inch handle starting from the jumping surface, and it is adequate for toddlers. This little tikes model even offers a good black grip so that your kids can jump freely without worrying about falling down.

The overall size of Little Tikes 3inch trampoline is 36inch length X 33.5inch height X 36inc width, and it can resist maximum weight up to 55lbs. Carrying this model will be a piece of cake for you as it is quite light. Most importantly assembling this model is quite easy and it finished within a few minutes. However, you would only get one color choice for this model, and the color is red. Lastly, the jumping mat is of premium quality so it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.


  • It is extremely easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy build quality with highly active webbing material.
  • It can comfortably hold two toddlers of low weight.
  • Takes a low amount of space.
  • It is entirely safe as it doesn’t have bungee cords or springs.
  • The handlebar foam is not tight.
  • The padding quality is poor.

Special Note

Little Tikes 3inch trampoline is a great and highly efficient model that can keep your kid engaged for a long time without causing an injury.

2. The Original Toy Company Fold & Go TrampolineBest Indoor Trampoline

Main Attributes

  • Maximum capacity is 150pounds.
  • Recommended age range between 3 and 7years.
  • Overall weight is 13.2 pounds.
  • 34inch diameter with 34inch height.
  • Rounded six bottom stands.


The Original Toy Company Fold and go trampoline is a commonly used model, and one out of five parents in the US use this model. It is a compact model which is built using some high-grade materials, and most of the buyers agree with this fact. An attractive part of this model is that it comes with an affordable price point.

Attributes Overview

The Original Toy Company Fold and go trampoline is an imported that has turned a lot of heads with its functionality. It is a decently sized trampoline that allows children between 3years and 7years to enjoy their time by jumping on them. The maximum weight capacity of this kids trampoline is 150 pounds, and the manufacturer has recommended only one child at a time. An exciting part of this model is that it is free from any spring or bungee cords and the webbing pad is connected using a brawny harness so you won’t have to worry about your kid’s safety.

In terms of stability, The Original Toy Company Fold and go trampoline excels quite well as it comes with six powerful legs that can easily stand on any surface. You can place it outside or inside the house with ease but you should keep an eye on your kid as the 3ft radius of the jumping pad doesn’t offer ample space. The built quality is exceptional, and the outer area comes with a circular safety pad to keep the pad intact. Like every other model, this kids mini trampoline also offers you a rectangular handlebar that comes handy for kids while bouncing.

The Original Toy Company Fold and go trampoline bears 36inch X 36inch X 34inch dimension and has an overall weight of 13.2 pounds. Assembling this round trampolines won’t take more than five minutes as you will have to screw the legs and attach the handle to the main body. The jumping pad and the mainframe for long years without causing any degradation in its functionality. It also adheres to all safety standards which mainly include Federal Government criteria and ASTM F963-08 Part 1 and two safety principles.


  • It comes with six legs with proper rubber bottom.
  • The handler bar offers adequate height.
  • The jumping pad is quite flexible and offers good bounce.
  • The overall built quality is praiseworthy.
  • It meets all the safety standards.
  • The jumping pad often requires adjustments.
  • The handler bar gets loose after a few days.

Special Note

If you are looking for a toddler trampoline which will not only offer a good bounce but also provides a lot of safety, then take a peek at The Original Toy Company fold and go trampoline. It is an affordable model that would stay with you for a long time.

3. Sportspower 84″ My First Trampoline – Best backyard trampolines

Main Attributes

  • The measurement is 84inch width and 73.5inch height.
  • Low to ground jumping pad design.
  • Edges with soft foam.
  • Recommended age is above 3years.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 220lbs.


Sportspower My First Trampoline is a specially designed large size jumping equipment that allows any kid to enjoy their fun jumping. It carries all the necessary features and functionalities that as a parent you would seek in a trampoline. Most of the customers were quite satisfied with this product, and many experts recommend this product.

Attributes Overview

Sportspower My First Trampoline might look like an ordinary model with an enclosure net, but you will be baffled once you start using it. It is a massive duty trampoline that is suitable for kids above the age of 3years although you shouldn’t allow big kids above ten years to use it. It offers a weight limit of 220lbs which is more than adequate, and two kids can quickly jump on them although it is not recommended. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, and you can place it freely inside your house as it won’t slide or scratch the floor.

Every user praises the durability of Sportspower My First Trampoline and all the credit goes to its galvanized steel frame. The breathable net installed on the edges creates an enclosure that allows the kid to enjoy without worrying about falling down outside. The safety enclosure is also UV-resistant which is a plus point. The webbing pad is connected with a strong spring and to protect from any wear and tear it is engulfed with a thick mat cover. The enclosure is supported by three sturdy steel tubes and carries soft foam on the edges.

The overall dimension of Sportspower My First Trampoline is around 84inch full and 73.5inch height. This wide 7feet trampoline is 70 pounds in weight, but it can be disassembled to carry them wherever you want. However, assembling this model is slightly, and it can take up to an hour for completing the assembly as you will have to screw a lot of parts. The whole enclosure is entirely guarded, and your kid will have to unzip the net from one side to gain entry. The manufacturer takes safety as one of its main priorities, and that is why this product meets or exceeds all the ASTM standards.


  • The galvanized steel frame offers exceptional resilience.
  • The net is UV resistant and brawny.
  • The jumping pad is highly flexible.
  • It comes with all the necessary assembly tools.
  • The pad is well protected by a safety mat.
  • The assembling takes a tremendous amount of time.
  • It doesn’t come with other color choices.

Special Note

Want to get a giant trampoline for your kids that would also offer enclosure; then you can take a look at Sportspower My First Trampoline. It is a well-designed model for kids that provides countless hours of enjoyment without causing any issue.

4. Skywalker 8-Feet Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Combo – Best trampoline for small backyard

Main Attributes

  • The dimension is 8ft X 8ft X 6.5ft.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 175 pounds.
  • The weight is 87 pounds.
  • Minimum age bar is six years.
  • UV resistant net without any gap.


When you look for a highly rated trampoline, one name that every expert will recommend to you is Skywalker 8-feet round trampoline. It is a uniquely designed trampoline which is based on a sturdy structure and bears a net guard from all sides. It carries some exclusive attributes that give it an upper hand in the market.

Attributes Overview

A highly curated toy is an ideal phrase that can be coined with Skywalker 8-feet round trampoline and it has helped numerous children to notch up their stamina while having fun. It is a large size outdoor trampoline that pampers you with an 8 feet radius jumping area and a six and a half feet of the net enclosure. Your kids won’t have difficulty in entering the trampoline as it has a low height and doesn’t require any ladder. However, the maximum weight limit for this biggie is only 175lbs, and it can withstand the maximum of two kids at a time.

With Skywalker 8-feet round trampoline you will get the option for only blue and green, but that color will be evident on the safety padding which separates the spring from the feet. With that being said, it offers 56 of 5.5inch springs which provides a useful jump. What makes it stand out in the crowd is its sturdy galvanized rust free steel frame that has four large upright and four square sized leg connected to T-socket. It is surrounded by a premium quality net that offers a buttonhole feature which notches up the safety by eliminating any gap between the net and jumping surface. To keep your kids free from injury, the four net stands are fully padded with cushions.

When you look at the dimension of Skywalker 8-feet round trampoline, it will show 8ft X 8ft X 6ft, but surprisingly you can easily disassemble it to transport it to other places. The overall weight is around 87lbs, but the assembling them takes a toll on the time. According to the manufacturer, this model is suitable for kids above the age of 6, but under supervision, you can allow kids below six years to jump on them. For assurance, it meets all ASTM standard ensuring it is entirely safe for your kids.


    • Impressive built quality with a proper stand.
    • It allows two kids to bounce at once.
    • The safety net is directly attached to each leg by T-joint.
    • It is completed surround by foam padding.
    • It offers an adequate amount of bounce.
  • It doesn’t come with all the necessary tools.
  • The assembling part takes more than an hour.

Special Note

Skywalker 8-feet round trampoline can be a smart gift to your kid if they are spending too much time on their couch. It is a sturdy trampoline that correctly takes care of the safety of your kid while providing them with happy times.

Main Attributes

  • 14 feet wide PP mesh jumping mat.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 330 pounds.
  • 72 pieces of galvanized spring.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel frame with rust resistance capability.
  • Minimum age bar is six years.


The brand Merax may not be known to everyone in the United States, but parents of kids are quite aware of its 14-feet round trampoline with a basketball hoop. It is a massive trampoline that is loaded with numerous functionalities whose main motto is to provide countless enjoyment and to keep the kids healthy. It comes with a slightly expensive price tag, but we can say it worth every dollar you pay for them.

Attributes Overview

Merax 14-feet round trampoline with basketball hoop is a hidden gem in the market that holds the ability to outclass many other models from top brands. This massive trampoline is intended for pure fun that is why it offers a 14-feet radius of PP mesh jumping mat. This mat provides a good bounce and holds the prowess to withstand the pressure of three kids at once. However, the maximum weight capacity of this model is 330pounds so you should not allow more than three kids at a time.

The manufacturer has built Merax 14-feet round trampoline using heavy gauge galvanized steel so you can expect to last for a long time. In addition, it also features six W-shaped legs that offer excellent stability on any hard ground. The jumping pad is almost three feet above the ground so for convenience it features a steel ladder. The whole jumping mat is surrounded by UV resistant double secured net and connected through four upright, sturdy frames. The jumping mat is attached using 72 pieces of heavy-duty galvanized springs which ensures not only tight safety but also offers good jump.

The spring area of Merax 14-feet round trampoline with basketball hoop is adequately covered by a waterproof PE pad thus notch up the safety by the right margin. To make jumping on trampoline more fun, the manufacturer has incorporated a basketball hoop which will compel the kids to spend more time. Apart from usual bouncing, it comes handy for physical and other aerobatics training. The overall weight of this model is around 145 pounds, but you can carry them separately.  Assembling this model is quite easy as it doesn’t incur the need for a lot of complicated steps although it takes around 3hours to complete the process.


    • Highly durable steel frame with a sturdy ladder.
    • The PP mesh offers good bounce and resistance to wear and tear.
    • Impressive weight capacity.
    • The net offers excellent protection.
    • The assembling process is quite simple.
  • The assembling is very time-consuming.
  • The net becomes loose after a few months.
  • The price point is slightly high.

Special Note

Merax 14-feet round trampoline with basketball hoop is a feature-rich trampoline that only offers enjoyment but also protection and resilience. It serves as a long-term investment which depicts that your kid will be able to enjoy it for many years.

Before bidding goodbye, we like to present some common questions that often arise to the mind of first time kids trampoline buyers.

FAQS about Trampoline for Kids

Q: How do trampolines help a child’s development?
ANSWER: As we all know working out on our body helps the body develop similarly when a child jump on a trampoline it dramatically benefits their health. Basically, trampolines smoothen up the way for a child’s development physically as well as mentally. From the health point of view, it helps the muscles belonging to quads, glutes, core, feet, calves, etc. to notch up its strength. Not only that it assists the kid to gain various cardiovascular benefits like strengthening their endurance. Kids even learn to balance themselves accurately. The self-confidence and social skills also improve subsequently which is crucial for a child’s development.

Q: What are the health benefits of trampolines?
ANSWER: Trampoline might look like fun activity equipment, in general, but it offers to possess numerous health benefits for kids. It keeps the body fit and shades away all the excess fat which is harmful to health. It even boosts up lymphatic flow which assists the body to throw out all waste and toxins. By allowing your kid to jump on the trampoline, you are helping them to detoxify the body and improve the immune system. Bouncing on a trampoline on a daily basis facilitates the body to get free from cellulite. Most importantly it assists the kid to exercises the whole without putting absolute pressure on the leg.

 Q: Can your baby grow taller by jumping?
ANSWER: Well, technically and scientifically it is not possible that jumping can help your kid to grow taller as it entirely depends upon genetics. However, jumping on a trampoline strengthens the core of the body and develops the muscle posture which aids in the body structure of the kid. Primarily if your kid suffers from malnutrition and has an unhealthy body, then it will rob their chance of getting taller. But exercising daily on a trampoline will assist your kid to gain the maximum height permitted by their body.

Q: Are trampolines safe?
ANSWER: It is reasonable to be worried about your kid jumping on the trampoline but trampoline comes with lot safety features so technically the answer is Yes to the above query. However many people might disagree with this fact, but by taking proper safety measures, the chance of injury diminishes by a large margin. Allowing your kid to jump on the jumping pad under supervision is the most common safety rule thus you can keep them from falling down. You can also put the trampoline at ground level and engulf the pad with safety nets that will prevent a kid from facing any mishap. Thus we can say if proper safety rule is followed, then jumping on a trampoline won’t cause any harm but still, it is not entirely safe.

Q: Is it bad to jump on a trampoline when it is wet?
Well, unfortunately, the answer is “Yes” because the top surface of the jumping pad becomes slippery and there are high chances that your kid might fall down. Moreover, the pad becomes heavy due to the absorption of moisture causing imbalance, and your kid might hit his or her head on the body frame. So it is always advisable first you should allow the mat to get fully dried up and then allow your kid to bounce on them

Q: What is the best shape for a trampoline?
The shape of a trampoline entirely depends upon the requirement of the user, so there isn’t any best shape for a trampoline. However, the round or oval trampoline is the most popular shape for a kid’s trampoline. Mainly kids only opt for a regular jump on a trampoline, and they never go for stunts, so round or oval area is ideal for them. However, if you are buying a trampoline for the physical training of your kids, then you can go for a rectangle or square jumping pad as they offer more areas for trying stunts. Moreover, they also provide a better weight limit which is important as your kid needs the attention of the trainer in the jumping pad.

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