Best Wipe Warmer 2019: A Comprehensive Guide To Find The Right One!

Best Wipe WarmerAs a mother, you always use wet wipes to clean the bottom of your little one after changing their diaper and also to clean spills on their body. Wet wipes are great as they not only serve as an assistant to clean but also saves the kid from facing any skin condition especially diaper rash. But you always have seen that wet wipes always trigger unhappy cry of your during diaper change especially in winters, don’t you? It is a painful experience for a mother, and you will always have that thought of providing them something warm and comforting.

A smart solution is to buy the best wipe warmer which is basically an affordable electric device that stores and keeps the wipes warm. But there is an abundance of the wipe warmer models, and it is hard to pick. So we decided to provide you top five wipe warmers which will surely suffice your need.

Best Wipe Warmer For 2019 : Our Top Picks

Quick LookNameCapacityNight LightCheck Out
Hiccapop Wipe Warmer Huge Yes
Prince Lionheart Ultimate 100 Wipes Yes
Prince Lionheart Warmies Enough Yes
MEMI Wipe Warmer Huge Yes
Go Go Baby Wipes Warmer 100 Wipes Yes

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1. Hiccapop Wipe Warmer – Best rated baby wipe warmer

Main Features

  • Sleek body design with white color.
  • Silicone seal lock.
  • Large view window.
  • Soft glow night light with an illuminated button.
  • Antimicrobial elements in the storage area.


Hiccapop wipe warmer is a popular device in the market which has grabbed every mom’s attention with its quality and warming capability. It is highly efficient as well as inexpensive at the same time, and this has led this model to become one of the highest selling newborn baby equipment.

Features Synopsis

Hiccapop wipe warmer is a favorite item in the new mother’s arsenal that has a massive demand in the market currently, and its 30 million sales figure serves as proof. It is an ergonomically designed 10.9 X 7.9 X 5.6inch sleek box that is all about quality, and its sturdy design that it would last for many years. The whole body is adorned with a timeless design and white color thus making it a perfect addition to your kid’s nursery.  The natural baby wipes are quite easy to access, and you just need to tap the top.

Hiccapop wipes warmer is a brilliantly designed device that comes with a silicone seal lock which ensures that all the reusable wipes stay moist and warm. It is extremely safe for kids, and it comes with a thermal fuse that it is entirely reliable. Moreover, the power adapter carries a particular design that gulps down low energy and offers safety at the same time. You won’t have to worry about storage with this baby wipe holder as it comes with high capacity storage which is compatible with any type of wipes. It is matted with the top down heated design which keeps the wipes at the top warmest and that too without causing browning.

Changing the diaper during the night is always a problem, but Hiccapop wipes warmer bars you from that as it comes with a built-in night light which softly brightens the place. Most importantly it comes with an illuminated power button and automatic 10-min shut-off feature. Lastly, for keeping tabs of the wipes, you won’t have to open the whole container as it gets a large viewing window showing the stack of wipes.


  • The build quality is praiseworthy.
  • It warms up all the wipes within a few hours.
  • The silicone seal is highly effective.
  • The light is dim and lights up only its surrounding.
  • It has smaller wipe capacity despite having a large structure.

Final Words

Hiccapop wipe warmer is undoubtedly one of the best wiper warmers available in the market, and it is an ideal device which will help you to take care of your kid’s sensitive skin.

2. Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer The Best Antimicrobial Warmers

Main Features

  • Premium body design with easy accessibility.
  • Treated with an EPA standard anti-microbial additive.
  • Every Fresh Pillow System.
  • 3-hour heating time.
  • Integrated nightlight with pop-up access.
  • Power light indication facility.

Prince Lionheart wipe warmer is probably the best selling baby wipe warmer in the United States, and it is also the only device with EPA approved anti-microbial additive. This wipe baby warmer is all about quality and safety, and because of this, it has found its way into millions of kid’s rooms.

Features Synopsis

Prince Lionheart wipe warmer is a value for money product that has hardly dissatisfied any of its users. It is a decently sized 10 X 6.8 X 4.5inche box which easily fits into any decor mainly due to its premium design adorned with white paint. The operation of this natural baby wipe holder is simple, and you just have to use its pop-up point to access the wipes. Moreover, to make refilling easy, the manufacturer has offered a quick-push button which leads to the main baby water wipes storage area.

With that being said, Prince Lionheart wipes warmer offers cloth baby wipes storage up to 80wipes, and it supports all type of wipes. What sets it apart? The interior section is treated with EPA approved anti-microbial additives which protect the wipes from getting affected by any kind of bacteria or fungus. To keep each and every wipe moist and warm, the manufacturer has incorporated theirs patented Every Fresh Pillow system that basically locks up the moisture. Even though it uses a bottom-up heating process but still it manages to keep every wipe without turning them brown.

Prince Lionheart wipes warmer only takes 3 hours to heat up all the wipes which are quite fast for an inexpensive natural wipe warmer. It is an all-rounder warmer that also carries a soft night light which comes handy during night time. We can assure this device is entirely safe for your kids as it is devoid of any kind PVC, triclosan, lead, etc. It’s 12mA adapter consumes a low amount of energy so you won’t worry about electric bills.


  • It keeps each, and every wipes moist as well as warm.
  • Simple body construction with easy usability.
  • It offers enormous storage facility.
  • It is entirely resistant to the grown of bacteria.
  • There is no sign of browning or dryness.
  • The ever-fresh moisture pillow needs to replaced once every three months.

Final Words

Looking for a premium wet wipe warmer which will not only be easy on your pocket but also accomplish its task efficiently? You should take a peek at Prince Lionheart wipe warmer.

3. Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes WarmerBest Cloth Wipes Warmer 

Main Features

  • Purely rayon derived from bamboo.
  • Stylish body design with white color.
  • Decent storage space with a standard cover.
  • Three-part heating system.
  • Specially designed micropore pillow with cubage of 413.4375.
  • The absence of any chemical agents.

Another premium entry from Prince Lionheart is Warmies wipe warmer which is a naturally derived structure, and it has a made good impression among users in the US. It is a premium option which not only excels in warming capability but also in design.

Features Synopsis

Prince Lionheart warmies wipes warmer is a similar product like other models from the same manufacturer, but when it comes to styling, it surpasses everyone. It offers a 10.5 X 7.2 X 5.2inch sleek box, but unlike others, it is entirely made up of Rayon derived from bamboo. It is designed in such a way that you won’t sign of any dyes or bleaches so you won’t have to worry about any allergies. The whole structure is adorned with white color, and it carries a top cover which you direct access to the newborn baby wipes.

Accessing or refilling wipes in Prince Lionheart warmies wipes warmer is exceptionally trouble-free, and you just have to open the top cover. This travel wipe warmer is quite spacious thus it can offer a fair amount of storage, and it can store any type which includes homemade baby wipes. However, it doesn’t come with pop up, so all the wipes are kept in the form rolls. Despite being a natural made structure, it bags a three part heating system and an exclusive micropore pillow that assist the warmer to keep every wipes fresh, warm and moist.

Moreover, the interior section of Prince Lionheart warmies wipes warmer is treated with EPA approved anti-microbial additives which disrupt the growth of bacteria in the interior. It even gets a soft glow night light, and this light is located in the logo in the front section.  Cleaning this wipes container is quite easy, and you need a clean it.


    • It is natural and entirely free of chemical agents.
    • It holds the warmth for an extended period of time.
    • Simple design and easy to access.
    • It bars the growth of any bacteria.
    • It is extremely affordable.
    • Blends with any room decor.
  • The storage capacity could have been better.
  • The absence of pop-up wipe withdraws.

Final Words

Hunting for a potent wipe warmer which will not only be efficient but also value for money? Then you should steer your search towards Prince Lionheart warmies wipes warmer.

4. MEMI Wipe Warmer Portable wipe warmer

Main Features

  • Premium plastic built body.
  • Huge storage capacity.
  • Heated and moisturized without water.
  • USB charging mode.
  • Dim eye soothing night light.

MEMI wipe warmer is a not popular device in the market, but all the moms who have used this model spoke high about its performance and functionality. It is a meticulously designed product whose main intention to provide relief to both mom and her kid but without forcing them to spend a large chunk of money.

Features Synopsis

MEMI wipe warmer is an extremely portable and compact sized device that offers a size of 9.9 X 7.4 X 7.2inches thus allow you to carry it anywhere possible. Moreover, it weighs around 2.4, so you can expect not to take a toll on your shoulder when you carry it in your baby luggage. It is tub-shaped warmer that is built premium plastic material which will not only offer longevity but also stays unaffected by the heat. Accessing wipes from the box is quite easy, and you just have to press the pop up button to open the top panel.

After buying MEMI wipe warmer, you won’t have to worry about the harmful effect from the box as it is BPA free and the interior is treated with the antimicrobial agent. It is a high capacity warmer that can store more than 50 wipes at a time which is a relief for mothers as they won’t have to refill after every two days. A unique feature of this model is that you can store the wipes without opening the package and it will warm up the wipes without causing browning. This warmer takes only a few hours to heat up the whole stacks and keeps it moisturized without the requirement of water.

To charge MEMI wipe warmer, you just have to open the top panel and connect the USB cable to any device. With that being said, it consumes a low amount of power so you want to worry about power discharge of the machine where you will connect the USB cable. It bags soft glow night light which allows you to change the diaper in the middle of the night but also soothes your eye.


  • It is quite easy to use and refill.
  • The night light is really soft and eye-soothing.
  • It consumes a low amount of energy.
  • It offers storage of wipes including their original package.
  • You can’t directly connect it to a power source.
  • The light doesn’t come with an auto-off feature.

Final Words

Are you looking for simple yet effective portable wipe warmer which you can use everywhere you travel? If Yes, then MEMI wipe warmer is your solution.

5. Go Go Baby Wipes Warmer The Ultimate Wipe Warmer

Main Features

  • 3 X 6.6 X 4.9inches size.
  • Two heating settings.
  • Large viewing window.
  • Nightlight with automatic shut down after 10 minutes.
  • 100 wipes holding capacity.
  • Low voltage with energy efficient ETL.

Go GO Pure baby wipe warmer is the current heartthrob for all the new mothers in the US, and its massive popularity has already allowed it to sale more than 250000 unit. It is a well-engineered product that carries exclusive attributes and meets all the requirement set by the US authorities.

Features Synopsis

Go GO Pure baby wipe warmer is a fantastic piece of device that offers a quintessential blend of warming performance and usability. It boasts a decent overall size, and it resonates to 9.3 X 6.6 X 4.9inches which are quite helpful if you plan to carry it in your bag while traveling. Along with compact size, it also offers a 1.72lbs overall weight which eases up the carrying process as it won’t weigh on the bag. Despite having low weight, you won’t have to worry about its durability as it molded using a top of the line plastic fiber.

Go GO Pure baby wipe warmer is a highly rated model that has impressed several mothers with its heating technique as it warms every wipe without causing browning or drying. What more? It even grabs two heat settings so you will have the option to warm the wipes at desired parameters. This model can hold up to 100 wipes at a time which will smoothly run for five to six days without asking you to refill. You will even get a wide viewing window which comes handy for keeping count. Accessing and refilling the wipes is straightforward and you only need to open the top box to gain access.

The interior of Go GO Pure baby wipes warmer get a silicone seal which helps the warmer to keep the moisture intact which is really important. The inner section gets the anti-microbial treatment that bars any bacteria from growing up. It is blessed with a soft night light that easily allows you to change the diapers and you won’t think of switching off the light as it gets 10min auto-off feature.


  • The wipes don’t lose its dryness or moisture.
  • It can store up to 100 wipes at a time.
  • The night light is soft and eye soothing.
  • Availability of two heat settings.
  • The interior is resistant to microbes.
  • It often causes uneven warmness.

Final Words

If you are in search of a potent wipe warmer which will ease up your parenting life, then you need to take a peek at Go GO Pure baby wipe warmer.

So let’s look at some common FAQs that often comes to the mind of the mother when they go out to get wipe warmer for their little one.

FAQ about Best Wipe Warmer

Q: What is a wipe warmer?
When babies are learning to walk, their leg muscles play a large role. Using baby push walkers can help to speed up their development. Although, we don’t recommend solely relying on these baby walkers to teach your child how to walk.

Q: Are Wipe Warmers safe?
Wipe warmers are entirely safe as they are warmed up to certain suitable temperature, and the wipes remain moist as well as fresh. Moreover, the wiper warmers are altogether resistant to bacteria or fungus, so the chance of any skin rash is almost nil.

Q: Do baby wipe warmers grow bacteria?
No, baby wipe warmers don’t grow bacteria as the interior are treated anti-microbial agents which resist the growth of any unwanted things. Moreover, all the warmers come with moisture seal and other facilities which acts as a guard against the growth of bacteria.

Q: What Type of Wipes Does Warmer Heat?
Most of the warmers are comfortable with all types of wipes, and they don’t come with any kind of restriction. However, there is a specific type of warmers which only offers support for fresh, reusable and wet wipes.

Q: How long does it take for a wipe warmer to heat up?
In general, wipes take somewhere between two to three hours to warm up the whole stack of wipes. However, the time of heating up varies from device to device.

Q: When to replace pad in a wipe warmer?
The replacement of the pad entirely depends upon the usage, and if it is regularly used, then it should be replaced after a few months.

Q: How much water do you put in a wipe warmer?
Only a little amount of water is the added the pad so that it can stay moist and you should add a small amount of water regularly to prevent browning.

Q: How long do baby wipes last?
ANSWER: In a general scenario, baby wipes last for about three months after you have opened the package, but it entirely depends upon the storage process.

Now, we like to provide you with specific information which we think will come handy to you,

Things to Consider While Buying Wipe Warmer

List of factors that you need to keep in your mind while buying a wipe warmer,

  • Capacity – Depending on your usage, you should choose the size of the warmer, and it will be best if you can pick something which holds around 100 wipes. However, while wishing you should never go below 30 wipes capacity. Warmers designed for travel purpose doesn’t have a massive size so you should accordingly.
  • Heating System – Heating system as well as the level is the most crucial aspect that you should look into and always go for one that offers moderate temperature. You should also check whether the warmer uses top-down or bottoms-up heating capacity.
  • Size – The size consideration entirely depends on the user, but it is always smart to opt for average sized warmer. However, if you are someone who is always traveling with their kid then go for a small size.
  • Moisture Seal – Always check the moisture seal as this seal is responsible for keeping the wipes moist and fresh.
  • Anti-bacterial agents – While choosing a baby warmer, always buy a model that comes treated with anti-bacterial agents which ensures that any bacteria won’t grow due to the humid condition.
  • Night Light – Nightlight is a crucial feature that you need take into account as it helps you to change the diaper without waking your baby. While choosing night light always look for something that has a soft glow.
  • Wipe Support – It would be an excellent decision to buy a warmer that will support all type of wipes rather than a specific type.

Using Instruction of Wipe Warmer

Let’s look at some crucial instructions,

  • Before switching on the wipe warmer, always check the water level in the reservoir and fill it if it goes below the marked line.
  • Always clean the reservoir on a weekly basis with any washing ingredient but avoid using any hard detergents.
  • Always place the wipe warmer on a stable place and flat surface so that there is no chance of an accident. Moreover, avoid putting near vicinity of your kid as they might damage it.
  • Before placing a new stack of wipes, always cleanse the pillow or the pad, and you should perform this task every time.
  • You should be careful with the electric cord and always maintain a dry cable. Never leave the wire in any wet place as it causes an accident.
  • While opening the main box, always try to avoid the hot surface and when the warmer is heating don’t touch it.

Benefits of Wipe Warmer

Some essential benefits,

  • Wipe warmers prevents the baby from getting annoyed by cold wipes especially during the night when they are asleep. It is most useful during the winter season when the wipes need to warm as they become very cold due to the presence of water.
  • It also helps mothers to easily change the diapers as kids don’t get afraid of the cold sensation of wet wipes. Babies often avoid changing diapers as they afraid of the shock of cold wipes but habituating to warm wipes will solve the issue.
  • Wipes warmers keep the wipes fresh and moist all the time which is not possible in general scenario even if you place the wipes in a sealed box. Once you take out wipes from the main package, then it starts losing its moisture and become dry.
  • It has been seen that wipes often get affected bacteria when left open or in a standard box which is quite harmful to kids. But by keeping wipes in warmer, the device prevents the growth of any bacteria, so it is quite safe to usage.
  • Lastly, warmers come with a specified temperature limit which warms up the wipes to a certain temperature. So the chances of burnt wipes or browning issue are almost low.

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