Pregnancy Tips For First Time Moms | Guide By Alicia Wallace

Pregnancy TipsGiving birth of a child is the most strenuous responsibility of women. The period when a child comes into the womb of a woman till it comes into being, is called pregnancy period. The duration of the pregnancy period is more or less 42 weeks; sometimes it takes 41 weeks, sometimes 40 weeks and 3 days average. This is the time a mother has to take much more care of herself and the child in her womb. The sacrifices and sufferings of a mother in pregnancy time beggar description. She has to be more sensitive and conscious about what she is doing, what she is consuming, what she is thinking etc. All of her dedication; sacrifices are for none other but a healthy child.

After developing a child inside a mother for almost 42 weeks, if she wants to have her child healthy and well grown, she has to be physically and mentally fit and prepared. The following instructions and strategies are for Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms. For letting a child grow properly in mother’s womb, she has to take proper physical care such as,

1. Choose a family doctor:

It is the very first task of a woman to choose a doctor for her regular check-up. After first check-up, she has to visit the doctor one time a month for check-up till 28 weeks. From 29 to 37 weeks, she has to do check-up twice a month. From week 37 to labour time, she has to visit the doctor for check-up in every week. Check in with the doctor frequently is very important because she has to know whether the baby is growing properly or not. The reason behind choosing a family doctor is he/she will be much more familiar than other doctors and seems to be familiar to her. He/she will be aware of the defects if there is any.

2. Take healthy foods:

Staying healthy during pregnancy time is very important. While eating she has to be aware of the effects of foods. She needs to take pre natal vitamins. Baby’s neural cord which becomes brain and spinal cord is developed at the age of 1st month. So she has to take essential nutrients such as folic acid, calcium, iron etc. Registered dietitians generally suggest eating banana and apple as they contain natural sugar in them which helps lifting energy levels.  Generally, a pregnant mother should take 1 liter milk, 1 piece of meat or fish, an egg, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits etc. a day. She has to drink 8-10 glass of boiled water to stay hydrated. Orange juice is also recommended. She is to keep blood sugar level up. Pregnant woman is suggested to take fish. A research done over more than 12000 children proves that children whose mother ate up fish, they had higher IQ’s, better motor and communication skills. But fish which contains mercury are harmful such as swordfish, shark, tile-fish are all high in mercury. They are highly prohibited. They may cause death to both mother and child.

3. Proper sleep is a must:

Pregnant women are suggested to take as much sleep as they can. At least 10 hours of sleep is essential for a pregnant woman. Sleeping after taking lunch, before and after dinner and other remaining time of the day, whenever she gets free time, she needs to sleep. Doctors advice that pregnant women should sleep in the left side. It will help the unborn child grow properly. That’s why they are said to take nap as much as possible. Almost all the researchers on their research show the comparison between spending times in decoration and spending time in sleeping. While comparing between these to, it is said that, while sleep helps a pregnant woman to keep herself aloof from stress and anxiety, spending time in decoration will help her to think more about pregnancy and labour state. It will result in higher tension and cause harm to body and mental state. So, proper sleep is a must for a pregnant woman for keeping mind stable.

4. Do yoga and physical exercise:

Yoga helps to be physically, mentally, spiritually stable. Pregnancy time is the time of anxiety. Yoga will help her to keep herself free from anxiety. In free time, she can walk for 15-20 minutes; does gardening or some other chores. But make sure that the place is free from direct sunlight, shaded and comfortable. Doctors suggest to stay active because it helps to reduce stress, control of weight, improve circulation, boost mind, sleep better and what not. Exercise should be within doctors advice. Sometimes swimming, jogging is also recommended for the pregnant woman. But for first time moms, walking is enough.

5. Change work schedule:

Pregnant woman are suggested to do work and not to stay idle but excessive work is prohibited. Lifting heavy objects, exposure to toxic chemicals, coming into contract with bacteria, standing for long periods of time especially near heat is highly prohibited. During pregnancy, women’s skin becomes so sensitive and harmful chemicals, heat may cause harm that may cause serious damage to both mother and children.

6. Others:

Pregnant woman must take bath every day; make sure that the floor is not slippery. She should use sunscreen while going out. All the chemicals or ingredients she takes for external use must not be sensitive otherwise they may cause harm to her body as well as the baby. She should wear comfortable and non-restricting dresses and shoes. She should change her spa style. And most importantly, she must take medicines regularly and keep the doctor updated with all the information about health. Husband wife must not come into consummation on first 3 months and last one and a half month of pregnancy.

Not only physical care but also mental and spiritual care is important.

1. Educate thyself:

Educating oneself is an incomparable task `for mental care. Attending childbirth class will help her in various ways. Every mother has their own experiences. She shouldn’t pay heed to them. Rather she is advised to read books that will help you find out little complication that could arise during pregnancy. Focus on positive views. Because it’s time of fear, horrible and negative thinking would stuck on mind if negative views are read. She is advised to read more and more mommy blogs that may help her to feel less isolated.

2. Consider a Midwife or Doula:

Midwives or Doula are like half doctors. Their duty is to assist woman during pregnancy. Midwives will help a pregnant woman in labour time. They provide small pleasures like warm compress, hand holding which are quite meaningless in general sense but are really meaningful for a woman in labour state.

Doula serves like personal coach and as like family member. They will serve during pregnancy as well as after childbirth. They focus on emotional state of pregnant woman. They talk about wish list. So hiring midwife or doula is not worthless at all rather they really plays vital role for making a pregnant woman physically and mentally stable. Point to be noted here that midwife or doula are to be chosen carefully. They must be active and do their jobs in emergency time.

3. Write a birth plan:

It means write down wishes. American Pregnancy Association has listed some wishes pregnant woman are likely to cherish. The list includes who may present, procedure to be avoided, the position preferred, special clothing, whether pain medicines be given or not etc. Maximum pregnant women prefer her husband to be beside her. The labour room must be as like as she wants. But the labour room should not turn into social occasion. Mother, sister, best friend, mother in law is not important. Even husband is not so much important if wife does not wish so. The more people there will be, the more chaos will occur, and ultimately harm will happen to the pregnant woman.

4. Forget the labour time:

Almost all the first time moms tend to be pregnant for around 41 weeks but it may not happen exactly after 41 weeks. But as a mother, she will always be in anxiety. Sometimes she overthinks. Thoughts may come to her mind that her child will never born, her long awaiting time will never end so on. So women are suggested not to think about labour time. Let the things happen the way they actually happen. Idea of a floating due date should be introduced to them. Floating date means a duration i.e. end of the January to beginning of the December. If this idea is introduced, there won’t be any specific date and the pregnant woman won’t have any awaited time. Mental stress will be reduced for sure.

5. Make every moments pleasant:

In free time, pregnant woman should pass her time in pleasant way. She may listen to her favourite songs. She may like to go to movies. It will give her a break. She may buy a swing machine and set it in an adjustable place. She may try to make cloths for her child. It will probably keep her happy and free from mental stress. Every woman wants her husband to support her during pregnancy time. She should share her feelings to her husband. A few laughs on funny moments and changing body will help her to keep herself free from mental stress and anxiety.

There are so many little steps a mother should take during pregnancy. Last but not the least, a pregnant woman should trust on her guts. She should do the chores at her own will. She must keep in her mind that taking care of herself means taking care of the unborn child she is developing in her womb. The child is the fruit of her nearly 42 weeks of struggle, sacrifices, sufferings and dedication. Following the above mentioned instructions will hopefully help a first time pregnant woman to stay healthy and safe with her child.

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