13 Tips for New Dad to Become Super Dad: Saving Nook

Tips for new dadLike the other superheroes a new dad too learns to be a super dad on the journey. Here’s the flip though, ‘with great responsibility, comes great power’. In all honesty, fatherhood is the beginning of an entirely new set of love and emotion. Since every love has the power of strength, we only ask you to be patient with your paternal instincts. It won’t be too long for you to come full circle as a father.

Fatherhood, being an overwhelming feeling, is cherishing and one that needs advice from a myriad of sources. It’s a new job for which you have no prior experience. As time passes, you will see how it turns out to be the job you love most.  

It’s time for you to fill in the shoes of your parents. As the nurse put your baby to your arms, be ready to see how your new life unfolds before your eyes, ‘God Speed’!

Checkout the 13 tips for new Dad:

1. It takes a village

No, you can’t do it alone. But it should not stop you from being one of the greatest father your child(ren) going to get. As you become a new father, chances are you are already being surrounded by advices from people with parental instincts. Being a parent makes people congenially helpful. Spend time with your parenting advisors. Go out there and make your own tribe. It’s okay to rely on someone else’s call.

2. Get hands on

Not only Ashton Kutcher is cute getting hands on with his kids, you can be too. Take the dirty diaper out and lend a hand to your partner. Plus the more you are involved in the looking after game the easier it becomes for you to understand your child’s need. Children become more responsive as their needs get meet. Active participation in parenting during early childhood will make your bond with your child more innate.

3. Baby steps for you

With a baby coming around to a home, make your pace slower. Learn to do things by taking it one thing at a time. Do not try to fit in loads of tasks in one day. It is a sign of a good parent to keep up with the baby’s routine, however, check in with your daily needs too. You’ll find balance to all the new schedules of your baby.

4. Docs to rescue

A parent can tell if the baby is okay or not. But while in doubt, always call your pediatrician for help. Routine check-up in early months has proven to be life saving. Don’t be shy to bug your pediatrician over and over if there is an inkling of something wrong.

5. Family time is family goals

Do yourself a favor by taking time out of your busy schedule. Staying at home to spend quality time or going outside for a picnic with your family- either is enough to keep your family’s smile at flow. The advent of a baby in a home is a ripple effect for the whole family. It’s good idea to get together with your family members to celebrate the joy all of you received. As a new dad, you can take initiative for such events. Don’t be shy to take cute pictures or videos of your baby’s being just herself/himself.

Playing with child

6. Me time is the key

Being a new dad can be draining sometimes, mentally and physically. I know you are going to put so much effort into your parenthood. So, you should feel no shame to make some time out only for yourself. Appreciate your partner to do the same. This way both of you can rely on each other and learn to cut some slack. Sanity is required a lot more in parenthood than other phases of life. Me time is the way to do it.

7. Be smart, stay safe

You would want to see your children growing up safe & secured. For that your safety comes first. Make healthy decisions regarding your lifestyle, career & future. Over providing for your children is not what the right cue .Rather start by taking care of yourself. Remember, you are on the driving seat of their childhood. Drive safely.

8. All we need is love

Post-pregnancy depression is a common phenomenon. After child-birth it can be very unstable time for your spouse. Know that your acts of kindness & love toward your partner can play a great role. Even if they have other shoulder to cry on, yours should be the prime one. Open communication about feelings releases tensions. As you two are basically on the same page, learn to be each other’s companion in this amazing journey.

9. Shop shop shop

As consumerist as it sounds, trust me, it will feel a lot better when you are equipped with proper armors. Stocking up baby products from the supermarket is a good start. Wipes to baby creams, cribs to stuff toys- leave nothing to make this process easier. Also a good thing to do would be to pile up foods for easy meals at home.

Father and Daughter

10. Babysitting is more than fine

As you get ready to leave your babies with other people, don’t take for granted a good nanny. Exhaustion is easy to crawl over during baby’s daily care. Both of you can take some time out for each other. You do whatever you have to do to keep your romance alive. Guessing both of you are young, do not shy away from living up your life a little. It’s not making your baby non-priority, just that needs are not forgotten.

11. Not just paternal leave

Your parental responsibilities don’t end right after the paternal leave. Full time job should not be an excuse to say ‘adieu’ to your responsibilities as a father. As you are an equal parent in this, learn to act like one. Don’t be comfortable in only being polite asking your partner if they need any help. Take initiative, it shows your innate demand to be involved.

12. Bonding is nurture

What a baby really need is proper nurture. Your baby will be comfortable as aligned as your nurture becomes to their needs. It’s a good thing because your intensity of bonding plays a major role to how manageable your baby becomes. The closer you two become, you will see how only your voice or touch alone can soothe them to sleep. Close bonding between father and child clinically have found to have a great impact on child’s health. A firm and affectionate touch of a father can work miracle.

13. Being happy as a third wheel

For first few months everything is usually about the baby and the mom. You are left only being support system. Even though it can make you feel a little estrange, we will show you few reasons to be upbeat about it. This is the beginning and foundation time where you get to start being a superhero. You are the one who protect, you are the one they rely on- basically you become the one for them. See how the perspective works? Now go and enjoy being a superhero for your own family.

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